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The Hottest Blonde Girls in Comics!

Updated on July 13, 2016


Supergirl is Superman's cousin and her real Kryptonian name is Kara Zor-El. She is the last survivor of Krypton's Argo City.

Her first appearance was in "Action Comics #252 - The Menace of Metallo!; Congo Bill Dies at Dawn!; The Supergirl From Krypton!" and she appeared in 2228 issues after that.

Her powers are the same as those of Superman and Power Girl, but she is also very intelligent, omni-lingual and she has a Sonic Scream like Black Canary.

Supergirl | Source
Doc Rocket
Doc Rocket | Source

Doc Rocket

Doc Rocket is a superspeed character from "Image". She appears in the "Youngblood" comics.

Her real name is Rachel Richards, she has Super speed and she's also good in unarmed combat!

She first appeared in "Youngblood: Special Exclusive Edition issue 1 - A Brief History of Twilight; Youngblood Prologue featuring Shaft".

Doc Rocket
Doc Rocket | Source

Black Canary

Dinah Lance is DC's the Black Canary. She first appeared as a back-up feature in "Flash Comics #86 - Stone Age Menace; The Valley of the Purple Pilgrim; The Black Canary" and appeared in over 2250 comics after that.

First she was a solo character, but after a while she became a member of the "Justice Society of America", the "Justice League's" predecessor . Lately she is mostly known for her romantic relationship with the Green Arrow and her appearances in his comic and popular TV show.

Black Canary has a range of powers including Flight, Sonic Scream, Escape artist, Swordsmanship, Manipulation by Voice etc. She is also an exellent fighter and marksman.

Black Canary
Black Canary | Source

Emma Frost

Emma Frost is a well known Marvel character from the X-men. As a mutant with a lot of amazing powers, she is also a gifted teacher, and can turn herself into an organic diamond.

Originally she started out as a villain, namely the "White Queen" of the Hellfire Club. She gets defeated a lot by the X-men and she ends up being on their side. She even becomes the leader of the X-men after a while.

Her first appearance was in "The X-Men #129 - God Spare The Child...". Since then she has appeared in over 4740 issues!

Emma Frost
Emma Frost | Source


Stargirls' real identity is that of teenager Courtney Whitmore. She is a member of the "Justice League united" and heir to the Starman legacy.

She gets her powers after she finds the "Cosmic Belt' formerly used by Starman. Those powers include Flight, Blast power, Invulnerability, Super Strength, Light Projection and she is a skilled fighter.

The first appearance of star girl is in "DCU Heroes Secret Files issue 1 - "Spies Like Us"; A Guide to Resurrection Man's Powers; An Anarky Primer; Vext: The Formative Years; Lost Pages; Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. Yearbook"

Stargirl | Source

Power Girl

Power Girl is one of my personal favourites, and not (just) because of her "twins".

Her origin story is almost the same as that of her Kryptonian counterparts Superman and Supergirl. Only hers happened in DC's Earth-2 alternate universe. After a long series of events she eventually ends up as Power Girl of Earth 1.

Her powers are the same as those of Superman and Supergirl, but as mentioned before she is not only known for her powers, but also for her very prominent bosom.

She first appeared in "All-star Comics issue 58 - All Star Super Squad". After that over a 1300 comics with Power Girl appearances followed.

Power Girl
Power Girl | Source

Invisible Woman

One of the most well known and famous women of the Marvel Universe. She was a founding member of the Fantastic Four and is able to turn herself invisible (as her name implies).

She also has a lot of other powers outside the invisibility, including flight, blast power, telekinesis, energy- and willpower-based constructs, force fields etc.

Her real name is Susan Storm and she first appears in "Fantastic Four issue 1 - The Fantastic Four!". After that she appeared in a whopping 4898 comics.

Invisible Woman
Invisible Woman | Source

Ms. Marvel

Ms. Marvel is a Marvel character that firs appeared in "Ms. Marvel" issue 1.

She is best known in her Carol Danvers incarnation. Her superpowers include all typical superpowers like flight, superstrength, invulnerability and other superhuman features. She can also do energy constructs, energy manipulation and energy absorption.

Carol Danvers appeared in almost 2900 comics.

Ms. Marvel
Ms. Marvel | Source

Lady Blackhawk

Lady Blackhawks' real name is Zinda Blake. She is well trained in unarmed combat, weapon handling and she can fly advanced jets and aircrafts. Originally she starts of in the second World War, but thanks to DC Comics "Zero Hour" event she is sent to the present day and she becomes a member of the "Birds of Prey".

Her first appearance is in "Blackhawk issue 133 - The Lady Blackhawk".

Lady Blackhawk
Lady Blackhawk | Source

Wonder Girl

Cassie (Cassandra) Sandsmark is a well known DC Comics character that first appeared in "Wonder Woman issue 105 - Lifelines, Part 1".

Originally she was the daughter of the God Zeus and Dr. Helena Sandsmark. In the New 52 she is the daughter of Lennox, half-brother of Wonder Woman, and she gets her powers from the ancient "Silent Armor".

Wonder Girl
Wonder Girl | Source


Namora is the product of a surface woman and an Atlantean Man. She is one of Marvel's first mutants and in the golden age she was Namor's cousin. Nowadays she works with Jimmy Woo and the Agents of Atlas.

Her powers include Super hearing, smell, sight, speed and strength.She can also fly, has limited invulnerability and is insanely rich.

The first appearance of her was in "Marvel Mystery Comics" issue 82.

Namora | Source


Maki Genryusai is actually just a character of the hit Videogame series "Street Fighter". But since she is a hot blonde, and she also appears in 8 comics by Nintendo and Capcom she deserves a place in this list.

She is a very skilled fighter (obviously) and a weapon master. Her first appearance is in "Nintendo Power" issue 52.

Maki | Source


Terra is a DC comics character and the brother of Geo-Force. They both have Earth Moving and Sand Manipulation powers along with unarmed combat skills and levitation.

Before DC's New 52 she was a member of the Teen Titans, but in the New 52 she is a member of the Ravagers.

Her first appearance is in "The New Teen Titans issue 26 - Runaways". She appears in over 300 comics after that.

Terra | Source

Barb Wire

Barb Wire is a character by "Dark Horse comics". She has her own comic book and also makes appearances in other stories taking place in the Dark Horse universe.

Her real name is Barbara Kopetski and she is a bounty hunter that works in a club called the "Hammerhead". The only superpower she possesses is attractiveness(Not actually a superpower, just convenient). Other than that she is just a skilled woman with gadgets. Like a female Batman.

First Appearance: "Comics' Greatest World: Steel Harbor issue 1 - Barb Wire".

Barb Wire
Barb Wire | Source


She-Ra is actually best known for her brother, He-Man. She is his twin sister and also the rebellious protector of planet Etheria.

She is more known for her appearances in animated television series, but she also appeared in 77 comics. The first was "Princess of Power issue 1 - Disappearing Treasures".

Similar to her brother, she has a lot of superhuman powers and is an excellent and skilled fighter and marksman.

She-Ra | Source

Sailor Moon

Tsukino Usagi is Sailor Moon, Champion of Justice. She is pretty well known and also had her own TV show. She has godly powers and is super powerful thanks to that!

Her first appearance is "Bishojo Senshi Sera Mun" issue 1. After that lots of Videogames, Musicals, Movies, Manga and Merchandising were made about her.

Sailor Moon
Sailor Moon | Source


Goldstar is the younger sister of Booster Gold. Her real name is Michelle Carter and she gets powers from her Goldstar suit including flight, blast power and a force field.

She also travels in time just like her brother.

Her first appearance is "Booster Gold issue 1 - The Big Fall".

Goldstar | Source


Spitfire is a Marvel Character that first appeared in "The Invaders issue 7, The Blackout Murders of Baron Blood". Her real name is Jacqueline Falsworth.

Her superpower is to run at superhuman speed. She leaves a trail of non-harmful fire behind when she does that.

Spitfire | Source

Gwen Stacy

Gwen (or Gwendolyne) Stacy is a Marvel character appearing in the Spider-Man comics.

She was actually most well known because of her tragic death at the hands of the Green Goblin in "The Amazing Spider-Man issue 121 - The night Gwen Stacy Died". But these days she is also very well known as Spider-Gwen, which is the Gwen Stacy of an alternate universe.

Her first appearance was in "The Amazing Spider-Man issue 31 - If this be my Destiny". She has a long relationship with Peter Parker (Spider-Man) and appears in more then 1000 comics and counting.

Gwen Stacy
Gwen Stacy | Source

Black Cat

Her real name is Felicia Hardy, and first she was a cat burglar. But then she became attracted to Spider-Man and became a crime fighter. She also had a short lived relationship with Spider-Man.

Her first appearance is in the comic "The Amazing Spider-Man issue 194 - Never let the Black Cat cross your path!" Since then she appeared in more than 900 comics. Which makes her kind of a well known character in the Marvel universe.

Black Cat
Black Cat | Source

Samus Aran

Most people will know Samus Aran from the hit videogame Metroid. But she also appeared in several nintendo comics. She's mostly seen wearing a helmet (part of her PED suit) , but under that helmet hides a beautiful and hot blonde. So she deserves a place on this list!

Samus Aran (no suit)
Samus Aran (no suit) | Source

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