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The House That Speaks

Updated on August 1, 2019

The House That Speaks

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The Dark RoadDark House at Night
The Dark Road
The Dark Road | Source
Dark House at Night
Dark House at Night | Source

The House That Speaks

We were looking for an escape from that place. But, when we followed the DAVID, he led us to the wrong path. Alina asked him to tell the reason for that wrong turn, but he remained silent and whispered in ROBIN’s ear,” I think she is going to know this before the time”. I was hearing all this because I was very close to them. We were walking on the road and waiting for help and waiting for someone to arrive and waiting for that person who would ask us,” May I help you?” That was the fortnight and we were alone. There was no sign of life. Weather was very angry and saying us that,” With in no time, I am going to kill you”. There were raining and clattering of thunder were scaring us. I asked ROBIN that,” How long it’ll take us to reach?” He didn’t answer the question.
We walked around half an hour. Then we saw a small house. There was a smile of hope on our faces. In increase in our footsteps causes a rapid walk towards the house. ROBIN said, “I’d told you, it’ll be all right”. We were going to the house happily. As we were approaching the house, we were becoming suspicious about the house. There was no lighting in the house. Maybe it was because of the weather. “I don’t think so, it’s good to go there.” Alina said. “Then where should we go for shelter?” ROBIN replied to Alina. DAVID was still silent like some kind of snake has put its venom into his body and more he talks more chances to become a dead body. Firstly, I refused to go into the house but when I thought that there is no place for us to hide then I agreed to go there.
The house was made of wood. The wood was completely rotten like vegetables. There was a lot of dust on the house. It looked like someone has just through the truck of soil or the dust on the house. No doubt, it was because of the storm that occurred before the heavy rain. There was a well outside the house. But, there was no water in it. At last, DAVID breads the silence and said, “What should we do now?” Alina was screaming with pain and replied to DAVID, “No doubt we are going inside the house”. ROBIN knocked the door with his left hand. We waited for about one minute. When we haven’t got the reply from inside, ROBIN again knocked the door but this time hardly. DAVID asked to the unanswered house, “Is anyone in the house?” No one replied. ROBIN pushed the door and what we see is that the door is already opened.
We went into the house with fear and distress. We were thinking that it is wrong to enter someone’s house without permission. Firstly, ROBIN takes the first step. DAVID was calm and thinking about something. Secondly David entered the house then I and Alina. The floor was broken and was full of dust. When we entered the house, there was a large lawn in front of us. In which there was a big table. I think that was for the guests and the visitors, for serving them there with tea and coffee or for lunch or dinner. Nine chairs were capturing the table with their hands. At the left side of the door there was a big couch laying lonely by itself. That was completely separated into pieces, but there was still place for sitting. We all walked into the house. The house was so old that no one had come there a million years. “Julia, are you scared or not?” David asked. No way, I replied. “Then why your face is sweating like shower? Ha.” This is not a joke you. OK. Sorry, I was just trying to make you feel better.” “What should we do here?” Ali asked.
“Nothing just wait for death.” “Alina said. Whoa whoa whoa! Be careful. You have your little knife, it doesn’t mean that you will be spared.” Robin said.
Robin was a very funny guy but do everything within the limits. Robin was an orphan. So, he always make people happy. He did this only to save people from the sufferings that he had suffered. He was grown like a toy and was treated like animals. He was a Muslim and a Cristian family took care of him. His mother was very kind and courageous. She really loved the children. She found Robin in an orphanage. She felt in love with him and adopt him as her son. I was thinking about the Robin and suddenly I heard the voice of Alina. Hey! What are you thinking? I am talking to you. “Sorry, I was just….. I was unable to tell the truth.
We entered the bedroom then. That was not less than the hell. Everything was dead there. There was a smell that had taken the attention of ours. That smell was so bad that we were unable to stand there. We left the room and went upstairs. On first floor, there was a store room and a room which for I think of a boy who was about ten to fifteen years old. This I know is because there were clothes and the video games which may be he played when he was living here.
The window was open and creaking with the hands of the air, making a dangerous voices telling us the words, “Go Away. Go Away.” “Run….. Run…...” The window was open and the air was cooling the room like glacier. A hand touched my shoulder. I shouted. It was David. I calmed down.
David walked to the wall nearby and grabbed a sword. The sword was hanging with a rope. David is found of ancient things. “I am so hungry. Is there something to eat?” Robin shows his usual behavior. “Oh yes! What you want? Her hand or her hand?” David pointed to the girls in the house means Alina and me. “I am also hungry. Where we find the food?” Alina changed the topic.
We left the store room unchecked. We went down the house and searched for food. We went to the kitchen but there was nothing to eat. David took out a package from his bag. It was bread. Fucking good man! You were hiding it from us hah? Robin said. The bread was not enough for four of us but we had to eat that for living. After eating the bread, we felt some relaxation.
The hounds were hounding outside the house. Rain was stopped. We decided to stay there till morning. At that time, we heard the sound of plate falling down the floor. We shocked by that sound. We immediately checked the kitchen and what we saw a broken plate. It was from nowhere. There was no more plates near that spot. This was the one piece falling from nowhere. I took the pieces of the plate and started cleaning the floor.
“What are you doing? It is not our work.” David said. “Just cleaning it.” I replied. “There is no need of it.” Alina said. Alina pushed me back and I stood up. I again heard the voice of someone. “Go Away. Go Away.” “Run. Run.” I was scared by this kind of voice. I didn’t recognize the voice whether it was of a man or woman, a boy, girl, child, baby or some other guy. I again looked around for searching that voice. I went to the bed room but
there was nothing. I thought that voice comes from first floor. “Ok, back to the room.” Robin broke my curiosity. We went back to the lawn and sat on the floor.
But I had a feeling that there was someone in the house, who wants to talk to us, who wants to tell us something. The house was not alone for years. There was someone living in it for years waiting for someone. Someone who can help him. Oh! That was just my imagination. I satisfied myself.
We cleaned the floor and sat down there and started talking. We were waiting for the morning. “What will you do after your studies?” I asked David. “Noting, just give a hand to my father in the net café.” What would you do in next few months?” David fulfilled the formality. “I shall think about that but don’t know yet.”
Robin took some pieces of broken wood and started playing music. He was striking the table with the pieces in a specific way. The music he created was good. “Which song is it?” Alina asked. “I don’t know just making it randomly.” Robin replied. “You will never change man.” I said to him. We talked all night and within no time, the sun greeted us with its full light.
The rain had washed the green plants and the trees like they had taken the shower all night. Trees were looking very beautiful. The road was wet. There was water gathered at some places. The wind was cold and clean. The sky was clear and shinning. After rain the rainbow had taken some place of the sky to show off.
We left the house and continue our journey to an escape from this tiredly walk and road. There was still a question in my mind that the house was trying to say something.
If we slept that night, might be something happened to us.
No one judged but I know the voice of window and the house was telling us, “Go Away. Go Away.” “Run……... Run………..”???

© 2019 Bilal Rotal


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