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The House on the Hill

Updated on November 13, 2012


There's a house on the hill standing all alone,

The people who once lived there are now all gone,

The house is sad now, it's better years are past,

The shutters are gone, the porch went fast,

The house has seen better years for sure,

It's lost nearly all it's charm and allure,

The house stands now so sad and forgotten,

The rafters are falling, they are weak and rotten,

I have memorized the old house down to each creaking board,

I would try to restore it, but that is something I can't afford,

The house soon will crumble, but I doubt it's memories ever will,

I love the old house standing all alone on the hill,

The hill just won't look the same once the house is gone,

The chimney already is gone and I can't see its shadow anymore in the early morning dawn,

There will soon be no house on the hill standing grandly all alone.

by Pamlia Wall 7/22/86


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