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"The House with a Hoop" by Eric Wayne Flynn

Updated on October 31, 2013

"The House with a Hoop"

Southern skin headed up north, an abrupt shake

Five strong against a full court press making a fast break

Laughing and crying in a wooden metal wagon

80's fresh, big hair, Buster Brown's, now that's fashion

The trail blazed, mission accomplished

There it stood, ten feet tall, wow, astonished

Wondrous, now what could that be?

Instant, it's power over me

I need something else, a melon?... A ball!

Damn, i cant wait to play, gotta dribble before ya crawl

One on none, day after day

Till someone else came to play

Fun with others, learn bout competition

Addicted, i'm in love, a condition

Put to a test, let's see where i stand

Punished and ridiculed, I question, I man?









Challenged, i learn to show my teeth

Keep em in your mouth, my mouth my sheath

After years of tears and years of fears

My love didn't love me

What a whore, what's the score?

Down 2, step back for 3!

Realized, the relationship never changed

"Swish" or "Cachunk', nylons or chains

Love, so pure it's spiritual

Your rim, a halo, so spherical

A 34 year romance, you've taught me so much

You made me better, you developed my touch

Still I go on dates with you, just the two of us blessed

Take away some pain, some fear, some stress

Till my dying day, you'll find me laying it up... kick the bucket, nope finish with a scoop

Wooden metal wagon full of poor southern skin, headed for the house with a hoop


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