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Po VS MegaMind

Updated on April 9, 2011

The Kung Fu Panda

HO, HO, HO ,HOOOooo.. This is not Santa Clause but Po, the fat panda who is a martial arts enthusiast. He loves to see how his idols do it but he never realized his potential until he was trained to be one of the best martial artists in their Valley. Despite his martial arts skill, this fat panda is far from being a serious master. He goofs around most of the time. That round belly alone can be very fun to watch as he punches, kicks and literally lays his enemies flat. Who would want to be stumbled upon with this energetic panda? I know a panda will not be such a threat in terms of looks. In fact, its very funny to see a huge panda trying out some awesome martial arts moves. Nonetheless, the best weapon that he have are his fats. Even the ferocious attacks can be like baby punches because of his natural cushions. Do not ask me on how strong his punches and kicks might be. Can his size not satisfy you with an answer? Po is the coolest panda in town and he will never back down to anyone even to an over-sized head Alien.

Mind Power!

Megamind is a self-proclaimed villain but he is really not a heartless guy which is a distinctive character of almost all known antagonist. He just failed to hear what his parents meant. He was confused about it that he thought he was destined to be the bad guy. He has a sidekick in the name of Minion.The two of them are unstoppable when it comes to creating brilliant evil plans. He uses his bright mind to create awesome inventions. Nonetheless, you can clearly see that he is not fitted to be a villain because he never want someone to be in harms way. He has everything that it takes to be the perfect villain but being the hero is a better option and he is more than fitted to be one. What reason can possibly make him attack such a cute panda?

The unexpected meeting

Po was on his way to his training area when he found a suspicious guy with a very large head in the bushes. Megamind was searching for a rare plant to complete his new invention that can help  cure any kind of disease. However, he was warned by minion to be wary because there are numerous cases where people are attacked by black bears in the area. Po was warned by his master as well about devil spirits that he might encounter. Without even thinking if it was really an evil spirit, Po jumped right in with a ferocious kick. There was nothing on Megamind's face but shock. He never knew black bears can be as cute as Po. And why is it not black in the first place? Megamind was able to dodge Po's first attack. However, our energetic Panda continued to charge. His moves are perfect but Megamind used his invention which he called a dodging cloak. He can dodge anything with it. None of them had a score until both of them dropped from exhaustion. Who won?   

Mr. bean Jr?
Mr. bean Jr?

Perfect for Kids and Adults alike

These two great heroes are fitted to be role models. Po will teach your kid that there is nothing impossible as long as you worked hard on it. Most importantly, there is no secret ingredient towards greatness. You will be the one who can decide your future and even though you might be fat, thin, or weak, nothing can stop you from bieng great.

Megamind will also make your kids realize that no one is born to be evil. All of us are destined to be a hero in our own little ways. Moreover, he asked for forgiveness in a certain part of the movie which is certainly a good thing to watch. This will encourage your kids that it is never too late for a change as long as you really mean it.

In this match up, Kids all over the world won.


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