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The Human Zombie Stampede Extravaganza

Updated on June 18, 2013
Dawn of the Dead Movie Poster
Dawn of the Dead Movie Poster
Warm Bodies Movie Poster
Warm Bodies Movie Poster

Transformed into a former shell of a live being

Lost the ability to speak rational sentences

Can't even utter a hello to the nearest passerby

Walking around as if caught in an endless circle

Unable to get out of the Mall of America parking lot

Full of Honda Accords and various Nissan models

All of them are the same bland version of beige

Depending on the year each car was created

Walking amongst a group of fellow lost souls

Looking to survive on minimal brain capacity

Haven't enjoyed sunlight in at least two years

Skin turned into a nearly clear pigmentation

That's hard to pick up in mirrors or CC TV for that matter

George Romero made a living focused on those people

Running low when it came to the remaining shreds of humanity

Fighting to still be considered a warm member of society

Instead turning into a frost bitten vessel that was robbed of life

The internal warning light going off when time ran out

When it was too late to turn back life's time clock

Stuck with the only remaining need to join

The huddled masses of the unwashed undead

Who just walked around aimlessly

Without a care or a purpose in the world

Just the way some people would prefer to live

While others would rather simply be alive

No more, no less.


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