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The Impressions of You

Updated on February 26, 2013

Love Poem

All the impressions of you,

Are imprinted in my heart,

As if l know you from before,

What you used to be,

and what you are now,

Even though you are unpredictable,

But like India Chutneys,

You are sweet but spicy,

Together is what we want to be,

It is you, that l want from the start,

and l am never going to give you up,

;You are the one for me and

l am never going to give you up


You Are...


You are like a sparkle,

From a very rare diamond,

that is very hard to find.....


Punjabi Poem (translated)

you're mine and will ramain mine till eternity (Tu meri ai te sirf meri hi,

Ravegi sadeev kaal takk)

Tu meri, mai tera, Tere bajhon jagg hanera (you're mine and l am yours,

without you the World is dark.

Tu sirf meri hai meri (you are just only mine)



Between us, concidence happenb in some unusl way,

Maybe we are connected by a cosmic chord.






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