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The Inadvertency of Our Creator

Updated on September 9, 2010

An eloquent picture was painted across their apartment walls.A quintessential portrait of a lover's tryst. They consigned as if they were perpetually enthralled, as if this could never end in a whisk. But as these lovers adieu, leaving their safe haven, they enter the world as if strangers. They must leave behind their fixations, shredding any evidence left on paper. The world can never see this masterpiece our forbidden lovers have created. For this dogmatic world can only dismiss their love and degrade it.

In this realm, our minds are of a diminutive state of contemplation. Unconventional lifestyles are viewed with a predisposed eye of confrontation. We cannot see beyond our initial judgements, they seem to cloud our mind's eye. In our misguided beliefs we ferment if we faulter, our God we deny. Yet we view these sexual deviants as a cosmic mistake, but if our creator could never make an inadvertency, it's with our thoughts he we forsake.

The lovers meet again, and they fall into step as if they never left each other's side. However they must feed their hungry stomachs, reluctantly in the public's eye their longing affection they must hide. Even though they restrain their belated touch, all can see their unspoken chemistry. Therefore poor service and cold food is all they receive. They can feel the stares on their backs as they prepare to leave. They argue over who is to pay the check, even though neither of them really cared. The room floods with discomfort and the lovers become aware of the disgust from the other patrons as it fills the air. The waiter grows impatient and publicly displays his repulsion for these two. With a snire on his lips and execration in his eyes he says,

"This display from you people is nauseatingly crude, so I must say your awaited exit is well over due!"

"This is and outrage!" one of the lovers proclaimed, "I demand to speak with a manager!"

"Good luck with that," the bigot waiter replied, "his distaste for people like you is greater"

The couple left in a fit of rage, refusing to leave any kind of tip. They both held their tears of fury inside, disallowing to let even on slip.

People like our lovers put up with prejudices like this everyday. Others around them never think twice about what their words portray. Even though our lovers disagree with many's firm beliefs, they speak with caution never letting an offensive word become released. Why, you may ask, do our lover try to still have respect. I can tell you why, because hate is never a trait they wish to reflect. Although hate is apart of their everyday lives, their dislike for others ignorance they strive to hide. For in a world where the majority labels you an abomination, if you as so much speak against their views you risk elimination. Fuck that, I say, live your life out and proud. Never put to much thought into what other's are conversing about. Even if you reside in a small town where bigotry breeds, be who you are, never retreat and never ever give into the restrictions they try to place around your neck. They only hate you because you are able to live a life with no lies, no facade, no regret.


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    • profile image

      NIck 7 years ago

      Caitlin you have done an awesome job at this poem. Keep them coming sweet heart! Much love, Nick

    • profile image

      Jeffers 7 years ago

      This is a very moving story