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The Incitement ~ prologue

Updated on July 14, 2016
Bianca's home planet
Bianca's home planet | Source

"Bianca", whispered Juliette from somewhere behind a bookshelf, "you know what would happen if we get caught right?" "Then it must be simple right love, don't get caught", Jake said chuckling, "right B?". I waved them off but not before a grin spread across my face. "Jake do us all a favour and shut it", Juliette hissed furiously.

"Hey guys, come over here, I think I found it", Gabriella's voice floated towards us from the back of the library. But instantaneously the lock and chains on the restricted section gate chimed thrice, that was the signal Noah was supposed to give us if anyone was coming. The faint voices of Noah arguing with the librarian as he tried to hold her back floated towards us. According to our plan, if all of us can't make it out together, then we disperse. The sound of footsteps got louder as they grew closer, I was slipping out through the air shaft when I heard the most blood curdling scream ever, a scream I would recognize anywhere, but before I knew it I was enclosed in darkness.

if you like the prologue, please comment and I will post chapter 1.


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