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The Indus Challenge: Review

Updated on November 2, 2017

According to me the foremost reason which makes the book ‘The Indus Challenge’ interesting is that the author has used his imaginary power in the best way possible. The use of the fictional characters inside a historical story is amazing. The character that impressed me the most was Rudra. The imaginary character Rudra runs from the start to the end. He is said to be the guardian of the nine unknown secrets which is later unravelled in the book. Rudra, the protagonist born with a karmic agenda has a mystique power due to which he will be able to command the earth with his needs.

Rudra, the favourite last disciple of Chanakya fights for the unification of Bharath. He fights from the side of the emperor Chandragupta Maurya against the invasion of Greeks, Alexander & his Generals and more to uphold the supremacy of Maurya Kingdom.

Rudra is being accused and imprisoned with many false implications by the Greek queen who tries to betray Chandragupta Maurya. Later how he proves his innocence is how the story moves on. Finally Rudra, with no expectations sacrifices his life to safeguard the son of Chandragupta.

The interesting part of the story comes when author talks about the eight Chiranjeevis of Hindu Mythology and takes the story saying Rudra was blessed to get the guidance of four ‘Chiranjeevis’ during his life time.

The author proves his writing skill through the characters which play a key role in the story. The first book of the series had the character Sagar, the great warrior of The Kingdom of Krishna and now the warrior Rudra. The birth is said to continue in the upcoming books of the series. Waiting to know what role the next birth takes.

I assure readers that this book is an interesting story with unexpected twists taking the reader to new horizons of excitement.

Trailer of the book The Indus Challenge


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