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The Inevitable

Updated on June 24, 2017


Envision a train. It is coming towards you.

These are the tracks. You know exactly
where it will be in the next few minutes.

You know it will not turn aside, and
although it might stop before it
reaches this point. It might not.

A 50% possibility is a bit too high. too chancy to stick around.

Getting out of the way is the best idea.

So here is the train. His name is Robert.
He is engaged to Gerta.

Robert is the kind of guy you expect to
see with an 'all that' woman.

He's the kind of guy people, male and
female like to hang with.

Maybe because we know him we give
him a few extra points, but no matter
how you want to stack it, you don't
expect a man like Robert to link with
a girl who resembles the Pillsbury Dough boy.

The Way It Is

To be nice, one can say, there is nothing
really wrong with Gerta.

We can say that she's serious and quiet.

(I think she's obnoxious and overly
opinionated, but I keep that to myself.)

I wouldn't have matched Robert with her,
but it wasn't my call.

He'd chosen her, they'd been together for awhile.

I believe they became engaged over a year ago. That they've 'jumped the gun' and
Gerta has given birth to Robert's child, means that he has obligation.

Gerta isn't just a girl friend, she's the mother of his son.

Gerta is overseas with little Freddie. Gerta has been overseas with Freddie
for two months.

Robert is here.
And here is Nicole.


Nicole suddenly appeared one day.
We all met her at the same time.
She's a happy sort, bright and cute and we all like her.
We liked being around her.

Robert likes being around her.

It was evident to me when he invited her along that something was moving. The others felt it as well. Charley tried to catch her attention, Damion was interceding, but it seemed clear there was something between Robert and Nicole a more prudent man would not explore.

A more prudent man would appreciate that maybe he should leave Nicole out, at least a little.

I was hoping Robert would note that a stranger, that Nicole, had reached the level its taken each of us a few years to gain.
Had gained that phylum of comfort that doesn't happen overnight.
In Most cases.

When I saw Robert walking with Nicole's parents I moved away. Although I could join, beyond a few pleasantries I found I had some place else to be.

I didn't want to have to face Gerta.

I didn't want to watch the train come down the tracks.
If I wasn't there, I wouldn't see it.

For when Gerta came back, I didn't want to be in their ambit.


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