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The Infernal Devices Books are Special for So Many Reasons

Updated on December 23, 2014

Amazon has the entire three editions of the set of Infernal Devices at a low, low price

The first time out resulted not only in a best seller but a movie as well. This one is the prequel

Cassandra Clare happens to be an admired and trendy writer well liked and extremely popular. Writing a series of stories revered by critics and fans alike is a daunting task, but this writer has proven it possible. Leading the way in the new practice of multi-cultural and world wide appeal of novels is Clare. Anyone with a wish to be whisked away to a faraway place, out of sight and mind will discover the writing points in the direction of which pathway to take. The Infernal Devices gives something unique to readers.

Talent comes through by way of a great read. It is a perfect combination of things going bump in the night with the people who stop them from hurting anyone. Through the eyes of this remarkable writer a world most persons admit in no way exists is created close enough to reality to argue the point it certainly does. With a great storyline Ms. Clare’s text take over and fuels the fires of originality. This is one of the greatest attractions to the work.

The writing has kindled the interest of a countless fans. A major motion picture was built on the first book from Cassandra Clare, City of Bones. The other five in the same chain of stories are just as popular. This is why there was no surprise The Infernal Devices will do well. These are a progression of events leading up to the City of Bones. Everybody loves the prequel. This one is worth the wait.

The mind’s eye plays tricks on a reader when touching a great book. It makes it believe it is actually some other place. This is a sure sign of a remarkably talented writer. Imaginings are crystal clear in the thoughts while scanning the text and absorbing words. Feelings tied to a great series are anticipation for the next one before even finishing the current one.


Warlocks are part of the crew discussed in this series

Why it is different from others in the same genre

The setting in the city of London during the 1880s is an extremely appealing novelty of the Infernal Devices series. The locale is not the only original distinction for this particular storyline. Other writers successfully publish novels based on the same supernatural beings. Clare has varied the situation an imaginative and fascinating way. The delightful difference created by the writer is addressing young adult issues faced today in a setting from the 1880s. Readers discover the amazingly similarities in what they happen to be along with the answers they find.

Ageless villains not in modern times

Inspired tales by other writers win the attraction of the audience by staging these ageless villains in modern times. We expect to see Dracula at the Super Bowl taking selfie pics from these other writers. Cassandra Clare puts us in the present and past at the same time with the Mortal Instruments. The Infernal volumes were designed to give a little background or prequel to the Mortal Instruments.

Lots of critics admonish Clare for missing something removing modernization from the material. The opposite is certainly true. Readers are astounded by imaginings contained within the text with a background set before the industrial revolution. It provides a touch of something not found elsewhere in the marketplace.

Distinctive view of the ghouls

Demonstrating a remarkable sight into the world of Shadowhunters, warlocks, fairies, werewolves and vampires, readers are more than entertained. Personality traits of all of these are shared including details of strengths and weaknesses. An interesting input is their origins and to some degree interactions both positive and negative with each other outside of the people in the story.

It is noteworthy to understand the genre is vampires and werewolves have become extremely popular in the young adult culture. In order to turn all of The Infernal Devices books into New York Times best sellers, there is an extra something which must be added. Cassandra Clare has found the ingredient. Find out what makes her stuff different.

It is much easier to watch a television show than reading a book to see an interesting story play out. The uncanny resemblance of the feelings and emotions of young adults which have not changed much over time is the novelty of the Infernal Devices storyline.

A blend of the contemporary coupled with the old is the resourcefulness gripping fans. It is exciting and making them hold on tight for the next book in all of the series.

Reading the Infernal Devices was strange for person caught shifting towards Cassandra Clare novels. Clockwork Prince is book two in a series of books, the total amount yet to be determined, written as a prequel to The Mortal Instruments texts. The Mortal Instruments have six books total and this string of texts is receiving the same highly deserved and fueled acclaim as the first succession of books. Though the characters have changed, the story remains the same.

Clockwork Prince keeps most of the same characters as the Clockwork Angel work. The characters personalities have shifted to another level in the development and growth. Yet they retain the same attractive allure or magnetism developed in the personality of each one.

Several things stand out to set Clare apart from other writers in the similar genre. There are comparable oddities and creatures with some fresh individuality from the writer’s mind. True love, sacrifice and of course adventure. With all of the temptations before the teenagers on the paper, they have a moral fiber about them. The decisions are honestly weighed. Even in the late 19th century with a different standard compared to now, the right thing is done in the end.

The role of women for the time period is diverse

Additionally the role of young women is exalted and celebrated. They are equal to men in every way they wish to be. In circumstances where they feel otherwise, they are welcomed in the character of the opposite disposition. This is wonderful for teens of the female persuasion. Girls hold many of the title roles throughout the tales.

Facing death head on as young people

Adventure bringing everyone close to the edge of death is present, but some of the strength in this writing is there are actually deaths. There are consequences to dangerous actions and the experiences thought to be fun and games are not as they appear. This is an important lesson to teach young adults.

Discussing bad vices

The tale is told in such a way where old vices which exist even now are discussed. The temptation of drinking and dealings with other illegal substances set before individuals in these roles is discussed and addressed. The discussion is among young adults and relevant to their outlook on life. Truthfully, it turns into a perfect vehicle for the discussion.

Reality of bad habits

There are horrible drug addicts and anyone selling or offering the items are not glamorized. The writing lets individuals understand the consequences of saying no to such a vice are not as black and white as many believe. It does not uphold the idea this is a good thing, it certainly is painted dark. But there is more to the events for readers to see.

There are gray areas such as medicinal needs (strangely a discussion taking place in several states around the nation now). Though, the author does point out this does not make it right, only necessary. The one character forced to endure them is in a life and death situation and hates the fact he must withstand them in order to prolong his life.

Moral questions

Friendships shared with the fellow enslaved to this circumstance are special. The inventiveness of Clare creates an atmosphere of moral fiber for a touchy and difficult task of making this an item of discussion. They continually feel the emotions tied to the poor person undergoing the illness along with being continually inspired by the same to discover a cure to stop the reliance.

Homes different from the norm

Institutes are the residences of the Shadowhunters. These are “homes” of a sort. They are run by Shadowhunters with the responsibility to train and supervise the next generation of their kind. They are found hidden in plain sight (glamoured). Unable to be seen by a mundane or ordinary person, anyone is able to find them in the center of a major metropolis. London has and institute as does other locations around the world like Dublin, Shang Hi, New York City or Madrid.

Option to make adult decisions

Youngsters are given the option of becoming a Shadowhunter at the age of 12. Accepting the job means leaving home and moving to an institute, generally in another city or town. Most are in another country. The profession is one fraught with danger, death, hard work and sacrifice. They are trained for killing immediately. They are able to fight once they have completed several years of training. Fights are to the death.

The child does not see their own parents again. Institutes are run by other Shadowhunter adults within. They are prepared to kill at these locations and hate is a topic of discussion. Lots of the trainers expect this emotion from the kids in order to have the heart to kill others. Hate is directed at wolfs, vamps, warlocks, fairies and any other Underworld creature. Though, lots display the same feelings for humans who are “ignorant” of all of events and sacrifices made on their behalf.

Refusing the job means being thrown out. The life is that of a human and never contacting the organization again. This is a very difficult one to swallow.

There are orphans all over the world due to parents fighting and dying and leaving behind their children in the wake of this profession. Getting married, testifying at trials which are often death penalties and responsibilities for the lives of others are thrown in there. How these are handled is actually amazing

Moral choices

The Clave or the Council is responsible to maintain law and order. They have created laws which are followed by werewolves, fairies, vampires, warlocks and even demons. The law is black and white, but gray areas are discussed and decisions made.

Demons are despised and never celebrated. This is admirable. There are lots of situations and circumstances requiring moral choices or decisions. These are taking place during a different era, but surprisingly they are almost identical to what is faced today.

Feelings of hate needed for fighting are dissipated in each novel. These are addressed and redirected in a positive manner as part of the authors great story telling.

City of Heavenly Fire is part of the Mortal Instruments and Amazon makes it available at a low low price

Details galore

Picky or finicky readers who love the details which go along with reading through a new world built in the mind of the creator are drawn to the Clare novels. This goes along with the description of the time period transportation, food, housing, smells, sights, sounds and clothes.

Lots of books tell the fairy tales of how wonderful, exciting and romantic castles and even churches are. These are stories revealing the dark, dank and emptiness of countless places. They even compare the horribly underprivileged and unfortunate with the wealthy in a reality slap in the face. Even the horrible stench in many cases is revealed. This doesn’t take away anything from the book. In actual fact, it adds more.

Places like Westminster Abbey, Hyde Park and other great landmarks are taken into the story and described in tremendous detail and adequately matched to the year. A sense of the sights and smells do more than tickle the senses. What's more, the descriptions are not limited to the city of London where the majority of the action takes place, but also around the globe.

Female vampire hunters are certainly not unheard of


Watchers fall into a new category of character for these particular types of stories. Shadowhunter watchers are assigned to each institute. They are chosen among people possessing the “sight”. This is a special or unique gift which allows them to see past the glamour or magic of the underworld which hides the vermin from the human’s vision and everyday life.

Although they see every creature and person for what and who they actually are, they are unable to use the sight as a weapon to fight or kill. They serve the Shadowhunters generation to generation. For instance, the son of a Shadowhunter is served by the son of the watcher. The generations continue as such for a long time to come.

The sad short life of young people

Frankly there exist very few negative features in the Clockwork books. There are always a few in every great novel. One impediment is continually pointing out the short life lived by all of these individuals. Is this a novel way to bring the excitement and anticipation to the story? Does it increase the thrill factor? There is the possibility of both of these statements being true as it relates to life span averaging 18 or 20 years. There are small number of characters middle aged and even some in the late stages of their life. For the most part the mortality rate of a couple of decades makes everything happen fairly early in life.

Lots of death

There is lots of death. The fatality rate for all of the factions in Clockwork is extremely high. All of the violence is related to murder and war. Shadowhunters are forced to battle the evil doers to the death in nearly all situations. Making it almost mandatory adult actions and decisions are necessary at such an early age. A positive aspect from this, if there is one, is revealing the aspects of grief and bereavement. The passing of friends and family are shown in a myriad of ways. Some are positive while others are not so much. There are select cases where small children die.

High school behavior

The beasts of the night, vampires and werewolves, live a life marked by extreme violence. As well as fighting and other aggressive behavior, the descriptions of their lifestyles call to mind clicks in high school. There is the pack mentality, expected with the werewolves, but unexpected with vampires.

Readers find there are hierarchies followed to absolution with death for any deviation. The control of any group shifts when a leader falls. Lots of jealous and petty soldiers battle constantly to be in the role as chief. Lying, cheating and backstabbing goes along with the territory. Clashing temperaments and personalities are all exhibited.

Adult relationships discussion

Marriage is an idea certainly discussed. Though, adult carnal relationships are avoided. Kissing and petting is as far as it goes. The scenarios take a reader extremely close, but always end before any damage is done for parents questioning the books moral code or ethics.

In conclusion

Expect something different than the average werewolf and vampire tale. Clare gives every reader wonderful writing which excites and stimulates not only the senses, but the mind.

The stories for The Infernal Device books are categorized under young adult, but they certainly are for everyone. Enjoy these and more to come from an extremely talented individual.

Main Characters

Magnus Bane
Will Herondale
Charlotte Starkweather
Shadowhunter head of London Institute
Henry Starkweather
Gabriel Lightwood
Gideon Lightwood
Benedict Lightwood
Thomas and Cyril
servants and watchers
Agatha and Sophie
servants and watcher
Jessamine Lovelace

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