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The Infinity Trap - Ian C. Douglas

Updated on May 17, 2015

The Infinity Trap is the first part of a sequence of Sci-Fi novels, written by the Nottinghamshire based author Ian Charles Douglas.

Throughout the story, we follow Zeke on his quest to find his fathr after he mysteriously went missing on a top-secret mission for the equivalent of the Martian MI5. In his story, he meets several characters along the way who will both help and hinder him in his task; but finding his father isn't all he is destined for...

You see, there is an evil in the universe, so great it is in fact Earth shattering. The evil is contained by a contraption (The Infinity Trap) which is being sought after by a ruthless, virtually unstoppable archaeologist.

What I thoroughly enjoy about this book myself is that it is universal to young and old readers alike. The easy-to-read language makes it ideal for younger children who love a bit of action without all of the inappropriate gore and the compelling tale suits older readers for a bit of light reading.

Older readers will agree that this isn't the sort of book which will give you headache after the first page and with that being said, it's probably one of the most universal and family friendly stories on the planet!

The author, Ian C. Douglas, has won numerous competitions and awards which prove his writing capabilities to be on a professional level with his other books often selling thousands of units in the first month.

More can be found about ian all over the internet by utilising Google search, including his road shows, talks and book signings!

But without further ado; read on and find out more!

The Infinity Trap - Ian C. Douglas

The Infinity Trap - Ian C. Douglas
The Infinity Trap - Ian C. Douglas


How far would you go to find your missing father?

For Zeke Hailey, a teenager who lives in the not too distant 23rd Century, even Mars is not too far.

Zeke is the son of a mariner, the elite psychics who conquered deep space and rule humanity. But his father had disappeared whilst on a top secret mission.

But Zeke, on the other hand, is only an ordinary schoolboy without even a shred of his father’s psychic powers and armed with nothing but his wits, Zeke bluffs his way into the prestigious Mariner’s school on Mars in search for answers. What happened to his father? Why did he disappear without a trace?

Mind-reading teachers and psycho-kinetic bullies are the least of Zeke's worries when he stumbles across the discovery of a ruthless archaeologist who is desperately seeking The Infinity Trap, an ancient contraption of unimaginable, unrivalled power and lair to an evil as old as the Universe.

After an alien artefact downloads the language of the long dead Martians into Zeke’s brain; he realises he alone understands the apocalyptic danger about to be unleashed.

Not only must Zeke rescue his friends from danger, but humanity itself.

But first, he must survive a planet filled with demons, outlaws, and androids, not to mention quicksand and dust storms whilst he uncovers the secrets of The Infinity Trap to stop the evil being unleashed.

As the odds are stacked against him, will Zeke make the ultimate sacrifice - his father?

Find out more about Zeke Hailey’s adventures and author Ian C. Douglas at

Meet the Citizens...

(Find photo's of these citizen's on Zeke Hailey's website!)

Zeke Hailey

Zeke is our protagonist, he is like our Harry Potter of sci-fi. He's just an ordinary boy, he's "Just Zeke", like Harry when he "can't be a wizard, (he's) just Harry, just Harry".

But this ordinary boy, Zeke, out of sheer desperation he is forced to take a plunge into for him, the unknown, in a gamble to find his father who disappeared whilst on a secret mission.

After basically deceiving his way into physics school, he stumbled across an ancient relic which little did he expect would allow him to download the entire archives of the ancient Martian language directly into his brain.

Though, the mind-reading teachers were the least of his worries when he stumbled across the Infinity Trap and the dangerously desperate archeologist who is seeking the contraption to unleash devilish evil across the universe!

Scuff Barnum

The boy genius, the tech-head. When it comes to hacking computers and general knowledge about comics, he is the ideal candidate to call upon!

He is a slob, a loud-mouthed arrogant individual which you have to question, is it a mask for his true feelings? Hardened by the loveless family he was born into who put their exceeding wealth and success in the industrial sector before their own son?

There is no denying however, his talent and expertise when it comes to all things technical.

Pin-Mei Liang

This eleven year old lady comes from a humble background with a psychic talent so great, her family send her to the Chasm four years early where she can learn to channel her abilities effectively.

Feeling homesick, she meets Zeke who are destined to forge an inseparable bond. Until one day, her talent for seeing into the future lands her in serious danger...

Fitch Crawley

Arguably sinister yet Zeke's best new friend. With the unprecedented ability to hypnotise teachers and take down foes with his deadly, imaginary pet, this fifteen year old is potentially unstoppable.

Question is; is he working for anybody? And more importantly, if so, who?

Can anybody really stop him?

Professor Tiberius Magma

A loner as a child, Tiberius unearthed a corpse on his first ever dig, having loved history even from a young age. He went on to become a world leading archaeologist, his career peaked after he discovered Atlantis at the bottom of an ocean; often, people are skeptical about the mysterious, unexplained deaths of the men which occurred during his expedition.

He learns from the Prime Minister of the long lost Martians and Magma becomes obsessed. He becomes obsessed with finding their secrets and exploiting them for his own gains.

Has he stumbled into the biggest mystery in the entire Universe?

Principle Lutz

A highly classified figure of whom very little is known, Lutz rules the Chasm with an iron rod in a manner similar to how you would imagine Zeus ruled the heavens with his lightening bolt.

Nobody in the solar system dares mess with her, she is strict, independent and strong as well as forbidding and austere. She is known throughout the entire universe and commands respect.

But she seems to have been around since... well... since before anybody can even remember. Is she in cahoots with the bad guys? Is there more to her than what meets the eye?

Lieutenant Leopold Doughty

Born on Mars, educated on Earth in it's very best military schools. This brave, muscular soldier is one of Zeke's few allies who he knows he can rely on; but will faith in Zeke alone be enough to help Zeke stop the bad guys?

Trixie Cutter

Cruel but beautiful, a master of racketeering. This spoiled cheerleader is far from the most honest of characters and she uses her powerful psychokinesis to enforce a massive reign of terror. Will anybody dare get in her way?

Jasper Snod

An acne-ridden teen who delights in upsetting others, he is nothing but a bully and fits right at home alongside the Chasm's gang of bullies. But has be bitten off a bit more than he can chew?

Mariner Alistair Knimble

Now an adult, Alistair was expelled from school as a child only to return later as it's own Translocation teacher. He spent a period in the underwater city of Sub-Pacifica, changed his bad-boy attitude but the question is; what really did happen during the infamous flooding that claimed so many lives?

Mariner Bobby Chinook

The psychokinesis teacher practiced the traditional skills of his Inuit ancestors The moon of Jupiter but he has never left the moon and ventured into Space; Will Zeke stop this passionate hunter from killing his quarry?

Marjorie Burnside

An Irish school secretary who has a face and heart of steel, frank and bossy but devoted to her job nonetheless; nothing will deflect her from her duties.

There is something about her though; what is she hiding?

Mariner Edward Dayo

An apprentice, translocating students to Mars, Dayo senses something unique about Zeke and awestruck to meet his first Mariner, Zeke has no idea of the tragedy he will yet face.

Dr Chandrasar

The good doctor, she seems perfect! However, what was the dream about that brought her to Mars in the first place?

Who is the handsome young man in the photoframe on her desk? And, why... why does Zeke always blush whenever she goes near him?

Ptolemy Cusp

Ptolemy is duel heritage Japanese-Martian and he is part-entrepreneur, part-warrior and part-scholar. He talks of peace but stockpiles masses of weapons.

Leader of Yuri Gagarin Freetown, is he friend or foe? Rebel or warmonger?

Isla The Incisor

Isla is an accomplished soldier and fighter. She is as deadly as she is attractive in her prime at twenty-five years old.

Will love be her only weakness?


Justice hitch-hiked a ride without anybody's knowledge on a ship to Mars and has been freewheeling around Mariner's Valley ever since, living a carefree life. Or so it seems.

His path crosses Zeke's numerous times, a bit too much for it to be coincidental'.

Is he really who he says he is? And why does Zeke feel jealous around him?

5 stars for The Infinity Trap

About The Author

Ian Douglas writes for both adults and children. He is the author of the sci-fi novel The Infinity Trap which is followed by the second in the series, Gravities Eye which is to be launched in July 2015.

Ian is a good friend of mine, he has helped me in the past with my writing. He was the first person to purchase my book when it wasn't even published yet. His writing is an inspiration.

Ian C. Douglas
Ian C. Douglas | Source

Ian has also written a non-fiction book called A Children's History of Nottinghamshire, not only is this book easy to read by child and adult alike, it is full of things you probably didn't even know about the Country in the East Midlands.

I was born in Nottingham and was surprised to see how little I actually knew about my hometown.

When the book was launched in 2011 in Waterstones (one of the biggest, if not the biggest book retailer in the UK) it sold 1500 copies in the first month.

As a result of this success, like all good authors, he travels around to different schools on his History Roadshow, teaching children with interactive lessons featuring quizzes, story telling and pictures! It's very exciting!

Ian C. Douglas
Ian C. Douglas | Source

He started his writing career as an apprentice, writing for magazines and soon graduated with an MA in Creative Writing with a Distinction.

He has also wrote of his many travels, which are a great inspiration of his, for popular newspapers such as Independent on Sunday as well as winning numerous writing competitions.

He is an active member of some literary organisations too, such as Nottingham's Writer's Studio and Society of Children's Writers and Book Illustrators.

He also supports a lot of literature initiatives.

Most recently, Ian worked as a volunteer publicity officer for the first ever Festival Of Words, which is a hugely successful literary festival.

And if this wasn't enough. He is also an artist who has held many exhibitions, both solo and group.

All in all, he is a top bloke. A brilliant author. And an inspiration.

Stay tuned for an exclusive interview with the author near the launch of his latest book!

Nottingham Festival of Words.

Stay tuned as I introduce you to more book and author reviews, some of which I know personally, others I don't.

If you find a book or author you'd like me to review, leave a comment below and I will do my level best to see what I can do.

I welcome any questions or queries in the comments below, if you have any questions for Ian C. Douglas to answer, I am sure he will be more than happy to respond.

© 2015 Andrew Hill


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