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The Inspirational Ladybug

Updated on February 28, 2017

Miss Ladybug

Miss Ladybug flies so high, soaring through the sky

Seeing everything as she passes by

Why on Earth does that little girl have to cry?

Why are the police chasing after that guy?

All the crows are swarming after those fries

Well that’s good for Miss Ladybug, because they won’t chase after her and she won’t die

Flying down by that pink house, she can smell some pie

It smells delicious, something she can’t deny.

She sees a beautiful girl, scared to talk to a boy and she wonders, why?

A girl like that should never be so shy, all she needs to do is try!

Miss Ladybug sees these things every day

And oh how she wishes she could say,

“You’re all wonderful, all in your own way!”

But she can’t say any of that,

Because if she went down there surely she would go splat

Maybe get eaten by a cat, or get smacked with a hat

Miss Ladybug just wants to chat

She doesn’t care if you’re fat, have tats, or even if you’re a brat

She just wants to chat.

She would do it, if she could talk to everyone

She would tell them how proud she was of everything that they’ve done

Just because we can’t hear her up there by the sun,

Does not mean that she is none

Miss Ladybug always cheers us on when we have fun, when we work, or when we run.

Even though it may seem like there is nobody there for us,

There are plenty of people like Miss Ladybug, so remember, you always have someone.


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