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The Internet, Marriage, and Slavery

Updated on March 12, 2016

I was listening to a Gary Vaynerchuck (@TheAskGaryVeeBook), folding laundry a room away from the most amazing woman I have ever met, my wife, and it hit me: the world, the perfect marriage and freed slaves are exactly the same.

I know what you’re thinking, who hasn’t thought that?

Follow me anyways smarty pants.

This is the greatest time to be alive in the history of times to be alive.

We are in it.

This is why.

  1. We have access to every single bit of information we would ever need to do anything we ever wanted.

  2. We have the freedom to take that information and do whatever we want.

  3. We can be whomever want, however we want, wherever we want.

Sounds pretty damn good, huh?

We have never had as much freedom as we do now. Ever.

We are free, and I mean FREE!

We have been told amazing stories of freedom our entire lives. Breaking the chains. Perseverance. Grit. Tenacity. They are so empowering. They make us feel that we can do anything.

We have been fighting for freedom our entire lives.

Year after year, decade and decade, pushing for more.

The fight is over.

The day has finally come.

We are free at last!! We did it!!!

We have the freedom we have always wanted.

Realistically, the only thing stopping you from doing anything and everything today is access to the internet.

That’s it.

Everything you need as far as information is right there. You can choose to take it or not, but you cannot deny it’s there.

Everything we have been fighting for has come to fruition.

We should celebrate!! Where’s the Champaign? Break out the good stuff!! The Barefoot!!!

And what are we doing with it?

All the freedom we could have every asked for?

All the freedom in the world (especially in the US).

We decided to give it back.

It is right there for the taking, and we are GIVING. IT. BACK.

Why in the hell would anyone do that?


We have no idea who the hell we are.

We have no idea what we are capable of.

And it is just easier to follow, be told what to do, and smile.

It is just like January 1st, 1863.

We have just been freed from slavery (I am a white male, please stay with me here).

Our shackles have been removed.

The gate is wide open.

The entire world is right in front of us.

And we turn around.

We pick up a shovel.

And we choose to stay.

We are not slaves anymore, we are worse.

We are indentured servants.

We have been given freedom and we are choosing to have a master. Choosing the chains. Choosing a life that someone else controls, someone else dictates.

We have no idea what we are capable of, and I don’t know if we even care.

We all want freedom, it’s what we have been chanting for centuries. It’s what we are chanting right now in 2016 in the election. Freedom from debt, freedom for the shrinking middle class, freedom from college loans, freedom from big government, freedom from small government, whatever.


But what does that mean? Freedom. How can “you” be free if you don’t know who “you” are?

Here is a little story.

My relationship with my wife is amazing.

She is loving, caring, thoughtful, smart, and wise.

She believes in me and has believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself.

She allows me to be Me. The real Me. Not the Me I think she wants me to be. Not the Me I think other people want me to be. The real me. This was liberating. This was unlike anything I had ever experienced.

There was only one downside, I had no idea who the hell the real me was. I never really asked myself,

“Who am I?”

I knew I liked music. I liked sports. I was funny. Sometimes I was smart, sometimes I was stupid. That was pretty much it. I was nice? I guess. That’s about as far as it went.

There were certain things I wouldn’t do or say around certain friends. There were certain things I wouldn’t say to ex-girlfriends. Things I wouldn’t say or do at work, etc. I was a constant ebb and flow of Me throughout my day, my week, and consequently my life.

I never allowed myself the chance to sit down and figure “me” out. I never even thought about it. I would do things and say to myself, “why in the hell did I do that? That is not even something I really want to do.”

Because I didn’t know myself, I mean really know myself, I could be swayed.

You know people who do that. “I would never!!!” either right before or right after they did something just like it.

My whole life was a path that I was on. I never even asked if I wanted to be on it. School, college, work, wife, etc. I was on it. There weren’t any questions to ask. Where you going? That way!

But really, when you do not have a solid understanding of you, what your purpose is, what your goals are; if you have no destination, then what does it matter what road you’re on? Are you even on a road really? If feels like it, but really….

“Where we goin’?”

“Who knows? I’m just gonna keep drivin’!”

“Right on!”

That’s what we do.

We have access to everything and (as a whole) we choose to do nothing. We have jobs where we just want people to tell us what to do then we get upset when that job goes to someone else who will just do what they are told for less money. You’re good at taking directions? So are computers. Your job is only going to be around long enough to get the program developed. Then it’s adios Gladys time!

We want paths. We want the college, job, marriage, retirement, death path to be there. That is, after all, how things get done, right? That’s what life is. We don’t want to think about what we do, we just want to do. We say we don’t, but it is all around us. We smoke our whole lives then get mad at big tobacco for selling a stick on fire that is not good for us when we inhale the smoke. “They should have told me!!!” We eat like shit our whole lives then are mad when we don’t have the right medical coverage to pay for our diabetes medication. “How could they!!?!” How could you?

When we are free to do what we want we put the chains right back on.

Freedom for anything we want to eat? We are fatter than ever.

Freedom to watch anything we want on TV? One word, Kardashians.

Freedom to learn anything we want, anytime? US students are ranked at the bottom. “But that’s the teachers’ fault!!!” See, you are doing it already. Teach your damn kids something!! You are free!!! Use it.

Make them put down their iLifes and turn off the TV where you are watching bullshit all night every night.

Everything you do and have is a choice that you have made. You blame every one else because you don't want to admit that YOU are the asshole.

We have so much freedom and we just give it away.

Shit? Where is my shovel?

Let me turn my brain off so I don’t have to go through the trouble of actually thinking.

Mr. Trump, what should I be worried about? Muslims, my job, and Mexicans. Got it. I haven’t actually ever had any issues with Muslims, but I did watch 9/11 on TV, so I should be mad, you are right. I will worry about my job too. I will only put in a half ass effort and not see the writing on the wall when my skills were becoming more and more obsolete, but I still won’t do anything. Make my skills useful again Mr. Trump!!

We are idiots.

All of us. Right Wing, Left Wing, Chicken Wing. Everyone.

Stop looking elsewhere for your power. You have EVERYTHING at your fingertips. Knowledge, health, jobs, opportunities. They are just sitting there!! Stop binge watching, binge drinking, and binge eating.

Start binge doing.

As soon as you start looking to someone or something else to provide for you, you are picking up that shovel, turning around, and staying.

You are telling everyone, “I would rather be a slave thank you very much.”

Go for it.

I would rather use my freedom.

It looks like it’s time for you to go back in the yard, be told you can’t do it yourself, and believe it.


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