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The Invisible Man: A Great Classic

Updated on May 23, 2016

The Invisible Man: A Great Classic Read

The Invisible Man by H.G. Wells

I have always loved science fiction. My first introduction was way back in elementary school when I found an old dusty copy of War of the Worlds in the back if the school library. And as all my other options up until that point were stereotypical teenage dramas, the babysitters club, and the box car children, it was a lost treasure. Since then I read all the H.G. Wells I could, that is until the school board decided they were too violent and removed them. But until this day there were a few that I never got to read. One is the Invisible Man.

What is the Invisible Man about? Well it’s about an invisible man. It starts with heavily bandaged stranger walking through the blizzard into a country town Inn. He takes residence there spending most of time performing scientific experiments with many chemicals he had delivered there. During his stay, the curiosity about his apparent injuries and the reason of why he’s there grows too strong for the town folk. But as they pry into his matters, they learn the truth about his condition which doesn’t end well.

The good? It’s a simple little fluff read, that is simple and quick for something akin to an airplane ride. The main character is different. Most stories lead with a hero arch type that knows good from wrong. Our character is a jerk, and that doesn’t really change for him. His distinctive destructive personality is what moves the story forward which was entertaining. Also, the book is a bit of mystery. Throughout the story the reader is forced to figure out who this man is. The invisible man isn’t even given a name until the very end.

The bad? First off, this is an old book. This means it has some old English in it. It’s not as heavy handed as other books of the time but be prepared. Many readers today don’t like this writing style. Also the story is not H.G. Wells’ best work. The tale is supposed to a depiction of man’s descent into madness as he continued to stay invisible longer and longer. But I felt our character did not deliver that to an extent.

Overall, it’s a fun quick read that is worth checking out. And if you like scifi you should. This is one of the classics.

3 1/2 smoothies out of four.

Overall Rating: A Great Classic Read.

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