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The Irish Farrell's, from out of the famine

Updated on September 12, 2011

The Farrell's from Ireland

Twelve million immigrants passed through Ellis Island, many of them Irish. Americans today  rarely think of ourselves as immigrants but, that is what we are. We are sons and daughters of many people who came from another far away places and passed through American ports. We were often not wanted by those who had been here prior to our arrival. Some came here willing, some destitute. Some came in chains. Some came as bonded persons exposed from a debtor's prison. We were indentured servants, slaves, bonded debtors, farmers, woodcutter's, and merchants. Few were elite class land owners.

In my novel Liberty for the Lion shield, I tell the story of the Irish who came to America. In the history of the Lion Shield code of arms, the Farrell's and the Hurley's fought through wars and famine. Each generation gave it all and found they had an unyielding strong will to survive. In most cases all odds were against these families and yet they never gave up. I think of myself as that same kind of person.

I wrote this novel in dedication of the legacy of my Grandfather, Dr. John A. Farrell. Dr. Farrell served as a Tuberculosis doctor in Saranac Lake, NY during the highest point of the great white plauge. I always admired his courage.

I strongly suggest all read this story. I especially encourage all people who forgot they are the children of immigrants to read Liberty for the Lion Shield. This story reminds us to have compassion for those who were not as lucky to have been born here as we have.


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