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The John Corey Series by Nelson Demille

Updated on October 25, 2012
Author Nelson Demille
Author Nelson Demille | Source

I've never considered myself to be a big reader of books. I often found it hard for me to stay focused enough to keep my mind on the book instead of day dreaming. Back in about 2002 or 2003, I was trying out an audio book to keep me company during a long commute to work. I came across a copy of The Lion's Game by Nelson Demille. This book really kept me interested with the suspense. A few times I even found myself extending my commute a little to get to the end of the chapter before I left the car.

I decided to take a look into a few other of Nelson Demille books and found out that the main character, John Corey, was also featured in a few other mysteries. So I took a step back and read Plum Island, the first book John Corey was introduced in. Then onto Nightfall, which by this time I have been noticing the detail of research that Demille puts into his work since this was based around a true event. I also enjoy the sarcasm and wise ass remarks that John Corey has in the stories.

A few other books of Demille have been created into movies. Word of Honor was a featured TV movie in 2003 starring Don Johnson, the former star of Miami Vice. You may be more familiar with John Travolta starring in the 1999 movie The General's Daughter. There always seems interest to turn some of the John Corey stories to a movie or TV series. My personal favorites so far are the The Lion's Game, and the follow up story The Lion.

Plum Island (1997)

Plum Island introduces us to John Corey, a wounded NYPD detective resting on Long Island, when he discovers his friends have been murdered. The couple had worked at Plum Island, a secured area rumored to be a government testing area for germ warfare.

The Lions Game (2000)

John Corey chases a Libyan terrorist named Asad Khalil, aka "The Lion" as he has his revenge in America on those involved in the 1986 bombing of Libya that killed his family.

Night Fall (2001)

A true story event happened in 1996 when TWA flight 800 exploded just of the coast of Long Island. Years later, John Corey investigates some leads and finds that things may have not be as the government reported on the crash.

Wild Fire (2006)

John Corey and his wife investigate a missing fellow agent in upstate New York and find a hunting lodge is the base of a group looking to avenge the 9/11 terrorist attacks in the United States by starting a war.

The Lion (2010)

Asad Khalil returns to finish what he started years ago in the story The Lion's Game but was interrupted by John Corey and his partner Kate. Except this time The Lion has some additional plans that include the happy couple.

The Panther (2012)

John Corey and his FBI agent wife take this story overseas to the Middle Easts Sana'a, Yemen to find the mastermind of the USS Cole bombing, an top ranking Al Qaeda terrorist called the Panther.


As of this writing, The Panther is about to be released soon and I found myself pretty exited to be able to read it. So I blame Nelson Demille for getting me back into reading some novels and I hope that you can enjoy some of these titles too.


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