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The Joker (8/11/11)

Updated on November 13, 2012
The Joker in Prison
The Joker in Prison | Source

The Joker

(Alfred explains to Bruce Wayne in The Dark Knight):

‘Some men just want to watch the world burn,’

Like the conflagration of you and me,

Aside perils of death they walk in stealth

Without recant or kitchen of conscience be,

Lusting hours to kiss the wretched tasks

Of night for the strike of all un-sacked—

The infants of mind and the quick to greet

What they’ll never forget in karma to come,

Zipping in the head like a bee that’s been stung;

All unchecked by sweet time or aid—

Mourning doves—the kitsch so wild!

Under sky-lit stars dipped in staid,

Of demons below or above if they must,

Crinkling, and skying, and rupturing Able

Like the cup that’s missing from daVinci’s table,

When Lucifer fell like a stone in still water

Ophelia loved and God caught her,

Rich with the madness that consumed her senses—

Error happens—men break their lenses,

For the cup of belief when trust sucks example

From a king whose killed the essence of ample

Advice through a forest deemed as disease.

And hateful pluck, ‘ho!’ No bright despair,

Over burning gardens; how he dare!

In the making of a sun reflecting a system,

Everything before and after a Christendom,

Jockeying for a One that swales behind

A world as fleeting as a deer-eyed bug,

To a heathen swinging a low-suited club,

Never letting go, but he’ll pay for the urn;

‘Some men just want to watch the world burn’.

-Michael Ferguson Head



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