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The Joker - Best example of a villain?

Updated on July 21, 2015

And Here We Go

The Joker AKA The Clown Prince, is one of Batman's greatest super villains and some might say his main nemesis.

Joker is always known for his supreme chaos, he murders without remorse or even a second thought, cracking a good chuckle or laughter at things that a normal person wouldn't find funny.

He is the definition of the moral alignment chaotic evil.

He also contains no known super powers that enhance him, like Bane and venom, Poison Ivy and her accident turning her into a human/plant hybrid.

Now, I'm going to tell you why he might be the greatest example of a super villain and why he is one of my absolute favorite characters.

1940's Joker


Over?! Why my dear delusional Dark Knight, why it hasn't even begun!

Joker's beginning is a shocker once you see how much he has evolved.

Back in 1940, where his character was created, he was somewhat of the Joker you'd know of now. He used Joker Venom to kill his victims, he would have been killed off had the editor of the comics not liked him, he stated Joker was too good of a character to be killed off. Instead he was then known for what appeared to be his certain deaths, but never having a body being found, such as being trapped in fiery buildings. He always kept coming back for more!

Unfortunately it wasn't long after he was created that the comics had to have a softer tone. There was less gore, excessive violence, and innuendo.

After the changes and banning of those few comic book contents. Joker was transformed from menace to thieving trickster.

Skipping ahead to his character, once the United States was less prudish about such content, The Joker was back to his old self again. Murdering for fun and the thrill of facing down Batman and his allies time and time again. He was also equipped with some of his iconic gadgets and weapons. Lethal Joy buzzer, Joker venom( a chemical Joker concocts that's lethal and constricts the skin around the face leaving bodies with a grim smile.) , toy guns that fired a lethal harpoon with a bang flag.


Joker's personality is pure chaotic evil, he is Batman's main supervillain and he is known for his suicidal tendencies, killing without remorse or hesitation, his obsession with Batman.

Joker is insane. He wants the world to smile and to die. He will never stop hatching plans that involve him killing some of Gotham's population or attacking Batman directly.

As much as he likes to fight and taunt Batman, he realizes that Batman is all he is. He might even see Batman as a true friend. He cares not for his true identity, he only wants the fun of the chase and the confrontation. He might not even want the Dark Knight to die (it depends on author or writer).

Joker must have something going for his personality though, Harley Quinn is obsessed and in love with him, she wants only the best to happen to him. She will lay down her life for him, she can be see as one of his victims.

Joker's gang. Joker in many outlets, he is known for a gaggle of henchmen with undying loyalty that do his bidding. It's possible he threatens them into submission with talk of a violent and painful death. He could also just have the personality that appeals to many street thugs, and/or patients of the Arkham Asylum.

In the multiplayer mode of Arkham Origins, Joker not only has his common street thug gang, but he also has a branch of his forces known as Joker's Elite.

Welcome to Joker's Elite

Origin and depictions

The DC comics have had a wide variety of authors. These authors all took Joker and made his character just a bit different.

Joker's main origin - He was the former villain The Red Hood. Red Hood was scheming in the Ace Chemicals building. There he was caught by Batman and cornered. Terrified of Batman and what his fate would be, he leaped off the catwalk and landed in a vat of chemicals. This changed his face forever, dying his skin a pale white, and make his hair an emerald green. He went insane as a result of this.

Another origins heard of is he was a former chemist, that would explain his knowledge to create his Joker Venom toxin and his immunity to it.

In the end it's up to the authors. Happily even Joker doesn't know his own origin story. He likes to remember it one way or another different way, he prefers it be multiple choice.

Depictions - Sometimes Joker is know for being a master at hand to hand combat, good with knives, and can take a beating from Batman.

Other author's have depicted Joker as weaker. He can only take a few hits from Batman before he's been beaten and arrested.

But all of these depictions had in common of his purple suit, green hair, and face make up.

I feel this is great for a character like Joker. It keeps him fresh and he'll still remain the Joker we all love so long as he keeps the purple suit and his iconic make up and look.

Joker's original character The Red Hood


People who have been Joker

Joker has been very popular lately. With the Arkham Series of Games, DC Universe Online, The Dark Knight Rises, and many more!

Mark Hamill - That's right the guy who played Luke Skywalker has held the title of The Joker for ages. He voiced him in Arkham Asylum and Arkham City, and the batman animated series. He is known for his dynamic laughter to help portray the character of The Joker.

Health Ledger - Playing the Joker in The Dark Knight. While Joker is different compared to the clown prince version of the games, comics and tv shows. Ledger pulled the role of perfectly. Capturing his unique personality, his humor, laughter, and his twisted sight of life. His performance of The Joker is still talked about to this day. He was awarded for his performance of Joker after his passing.

Troy Baker - The recent Batman game Arkham Origins had Troy Baker voicing him. Troy Baker is known mainly for his voice acting roles as Booker Dewitt of Bioshock Infinite, Joel of The Last of Us. I feel he did a perfect performance of The Joker in Origins. Taking on a similar way Hamill portrayed the Joker, Troy used laughter and his sporadic behavior to further Joker's character in the video game.

Mark Hamill (May contain spoilers for Arkham City)

Health Ledger (May contain Spoilers for The Dark Knight)

Troy Baker (May contain Spoilers for Arkham Origins)

Gadgets and acts of violence

Joker uses a wide variety of gadgets to further his plans and to help eliminate the good people of Gotham City.

Some of Joker's gadgets and equipment - Knives, guns, Joker toxin, party gag explosives, a 10,000 volt joy buzzer, presents with bombs or other wacky contents, and razor edged playing cards, and a shoe knife attachment to his wingtip shoes.

Some of his widely known acts of violence - In a comic he loads a zeppelin with deadly shards of glass laced with Joker venom. Flying over a part of Gotham, he unloaded his payload onto the citizens below and left many bodies behind, stained with blood and a haunting smile on each corpse.

He paralyzed Barbara Gordon AKA Batgirl and left her paralyzed from the waist down. She is now known as Oracle. She is now Batman's eyes and ears when he is on a mission.

Jason Todd, he is one of the many characters to take the title Robin, he was brutally murdered by Joker in one of the comic series. Leaving Batman a scar that would never heal.

Injustice the fighting video game with DC heroes and villains. Joker sets a nuke off in Metropolis and poisons Superman who mistakenly kills his own family. In a fit of rage he then kills Joker because of it.


Let's put a smile on that face!

I hope you enjoyed reading about The Joker, I hope you even learned a thing or two! Please let me know in the comments of what you think about The Joker. Could he be seen as an example of the best Super Villain? Always coming back for more, never staying dead. All the while he has a new plot of destruction up his sleeve up along with a pack razor edged playing cards.


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