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The Journey Prayer of the Lover

Updated on August 9, 2015

Chapter 1: Road In Darkness

Would there be strength to carry on
Drifted into the darkness
She prays every night
For him to return again

His state getting worse
Sitting beside him
Every step of the way
Confusion of the soul
In which he wanders away
He is afraid

As it all consumes him

"Where are you?
Where can you be?
Where have you went astray?
The darkness taking you away?

How did you end up like this?
In a state of unconsciousness
Fallen to the darkness
In there comes the abyss

The mystery gets deep
Drifting away
Heart beating
Is this where you want to be"

She still besides him
For the chance of return
To give him all the strength
"Would you come back to me"

Breathing in... breathing out
Breathing in... breathing out
Wake up!
Breathing in... breathing out (Where am I)
Breathing in... breathing out (How did I end up here)
Wake up!
BREATHING IN... BREATHING OUT (I need to get out of here)
BREATHING IN... BREATHING OUT (Something isn't right!)

(Guitar Solo 1)

Chapter 2: System

"Welcome to your subconscious"

That was you
A long time ago
Before you gave the heart to her

You were young
You were naive
Before all that happened

Youthful entity
As the time reflects
Things have changed

Just watch...

(Instrumental Part 1)

Days of white
In which you roam freely
Seeking for light
Emotions from inside deeply

You gave her that rose
She smiled to you
As romance grows
It was all so blue

Through the Spring
Flowers blossom
Into Summer
The heat of love
Waters of winter
Washing through
Days of Autumn
Adoration is true

Perfect seasons
Going through it all
Marching reasons
Hidden within the soul

Can you hear the signs
The signs in the spirit
Implanted in your mind
That goes through each eras
The life and love you have lead
Venture through the vortex
That you created to this point
Remember it...
Remember it all...
See what you see...
Do you still remember her?


This is when all things went WRONG?

(Guitar Solo 2)

Chapter 3: Wrong Choices?


The nightmares in your eyes
You have forgotten the other one
How can you forsake the rose
That first blossomed long ago
Dark side of your heart

Sin after sin
Building blocks of darkness
That once you've done
It was all inside of you

Sinner - You removed your sight
Sinner - You tore off the hearing

After all that you've been through
Every love she has given to you
Thrown away and put her down
But look at you now
She suffered because of your fault

You have decided to love the other
And never looked back on another
The soul you tore her own wings

Sinner - You erased the speech
Sinner - You deprived her scent

Oh wait...
Do you want to see what have become of her?
Drench in your own sins...

(Guitar Solo 4)

"Please! Forgive me! I..."

You made that choice
It's time to see the result
Without a voice
It was all your fault


"And after you carelessly dumped her
She walked in those lonely nights
Scared making it through the alleys
And where were you?
When you promised to protect her?"


"And then she got robbed, punched, and hurt
You were never there for her
She cried, sobbed, and betrayed
No anger of her to ever fade
This is the night when you turned your BACK!"


"She lost her job and her home
Living her life on the streets
She tried to call you on the phone
You hang up needing nothing of it
There she was on her knees
On cold winter to freeze
And where were you, mister?
You moved on with another girl
The other one is now your wife
But have you told her the TRUTH?"


"It's... too... late!"

(Guitar Solo 5)

Sinner - You shut your feeling
Sinner - You lost your heart

Sinner - You shall be
Sinner - Forever in thee

(Musical Interlude)

Chapter 4: Angel of Hope, Demon of Despair

Through the darkness and light
You have seen both of you
It's all about love and betrayal
How can you feel about it now
Which road should you go

Collapse in your visions
Inside the blinded eyes
Can you see through
The pain you suffered
And made for others

What is your choice

"I shall rule your soul
I'll drag further into me
Deep in your prideful sins
Which will it be
Take my hand... to the underworld

He looks at those demon eyes
Fires from hell are within
Those fears have go to rise
This is all because his sin

"I shall assist you
There is one thing to do
Would you choose the right path
Will you go to the past
I shall take you to the truth
Would you follow me?"

He must follow one rode
Which one shall he take
What's the best to hold


Choose your path
Deal with the demon
Choose your tale
Seek the angel eyes
Choose your fate
Fall more into darkness
Choose your life


(Musical Interlude)


Chapter 5: The Choice

(Long Musical Interlude)

Chapter 6: Revelations... Repent

May I ask forgiveness
The sins I have caused
Guilts that been committed
Would forgive this soul?

I gave you darkened days
Through the winters of cold
Turned my back on you
I have done you all the fault

It's been such a long time
The pain and sorrow
It was all my crimes
Will we see sunshine tomorrow

I shall grant you life again
And would you grant me mind
Would this take all the pain
That times when I was blind

Times I was blind
I was... so... blind

"I have forgiven you
Though, it was all over
I have long gone from this world
You can have your choice
Would you ever leave her
Like you did mine
She's calling out for you
You must... return

She's still praying
It's time for you
To... return..."

Wake Up!
Wake Up!
Wake Up!

(Guitar Solo 6)

Chapter 7: Please, Return To Me

Where have you been
My true loving one
The images to be seen
Can it be undone

I hold your hands
Waiting for the return
I finally understand
The pain I have learned

Through invisible agony
I felt those sentiment
The tearful empathy
Heard those screams of silent

The past is gone away
I know your heart
I wish for you to stay
Love never depart

I know you...

(Chorus Part)

Please, come back
Please, come back to me
Please, return
Please, return to me

Never been a liar
I know it deep
There's no denial
Wake up from sleep

I cry many nights
Just to feel again
The present of sights
None shall be in vain

For I am the wife
I have my love to you
Moments to strive
All have been true

It's you I need
On this sorrow bed
Toss the black seed
Now, I kiss your head

I know you...

(Chorus part)

(Guitar Solo 7)

(Chorus part)

Please! Wake up
Be beside me again
Please! Wake up
For a brand new day
Please! Wake up
I want you to stay
Please! Wake up
It's time to wake up

Wake up!
Your sleep is over
Wake up!
We must be together
Wake up!
Your journey has ended


(Musical Interlude)

Chapter 8: Final Reach

So, in the conclusion
Through the mazes of his life
For one last solution
Is it the path to survive


(Long Musical Intrude)
(Guitar Solo 8)

I have...

[The End]


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