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Space The Final Frontier--A Poem of Discovery

Updated on February 18, 2016

The vastness spread, before their eyes, overwhelms them even more

than anything they've ever seen or experienced before.

The countless stars, ablaze with fire, the wisps of dust and gas

the comets and the asteroids seem to watch them as they pass.

A week ago they were headed home, their mission nearly done,

they had spent a month on another world that was orbiting their sun.

While drawing nearer to their world, which filled their forward view,

they saw a strange thing, near the ship, and knew what they must do.

They were explorers, each of them, and no one would have mind

at changing course to take a look to see what they might find

The object seemed to move about it's edges changing so

the inside gave no hint of light the outside seemed to glow.

It seemed to be a hole in space this strange phenomenon

they moved the ship right up to it and suddenly............they were gone.

The object seemed to pull them in and once inside they found

that they were in a strange new place with light bursts all around.

The ship was moving as an alarming rate, how fast they didn't know,

they could feeling the trembling in the deck as the speed continued to grow.

The did their best to alter course and turn their ship around

they searched for answers to their plight but nothing could be found.

A day went by, and then another, and soon a third had passed.

They had no way of knowing just how long their plight would last.

They tried to keep their fears in check all they could do was wait.

Each one of them, alone in thought, to contemplate their fate.

Then without warning ,on the fourth day, they exited their jail

they couldn't wait to head for home and tell everyone their tale

But right away they all could see they must have traveled far

for the sun they saw, in front of them, was definitely not their star.

As they searched the stars, for their own sun, and things they knew so well

The stars were somehow different here and they just couldn't tell

Where they were, how far they'd come or how to get back home

but soon each one of them realized they were totally alone.

When the facts became clear, and with a little fear, the Captain informed her crew

they had somehow traversed the Galaxy and their worse held fears were true.

They were stranded here, in this alien place, with no hope of returning home

A few of them cried, and a few of them cursed, at the thought of dying out here alone.

The crew looked up, at the Captains face, hoping it all wasn't true,

she knew that it could all come apart- if she didn't give them something to do.

She ordered her crew to begin a new search--a world of their own they must find

a world to explore, for explorers they were, and they were the first of their kind.

It took not a day before the discovery was made- that this star had a system in tow

There were planets and moons and asteroids too there were numerous places to go

Soon they narrowed it down to a promising site that their sensors told them might be found

Both water and air, and interesting things, on a surface of good solid ground.

When they came to the place that their sensors had said that water and air could be found

They were totally shocked by the sight they beheld, rendered speechless, and couldn't make a sound

For in front of them appeared the most beautiful world that any of them had ever seen

With oceans of blue and land masses too with shadings from dark brown to green

It seemed a long time before anyone spoke with the Captain finally breaking the spell

She ordered the ships sensors up to full power--she knew they'd be able to tell

if the air and the water, were suitable for them, and the pressure on the surface was right

for if not--then all they really found.......was an incredibly beautiful sight.

With a strong sense of purpose and a new found hope they tackled their tasks with zest

and the Captain stood watching, her crew with pride, she knew they were giving their best.

They altered their course and lowered their speed and used caution to avoid any harm

then ,suddenly,all of their panels lit up and they all heard the blaring alarm

What's happening now, the Captain complained ,we can't deal with anymore strife

her pilot, his voice no more than a whisper, said "Captain........I think we found life"!

There are so many objects, orbiting this world, I can't tell you what they are for

but as you can see these things they were built-- by someone or something for sure.

The Captain could tell that the pilot was right and in the eyes of her crew she saw fear

but she also saw wonder, awe, and delight, at the incredible place they've found here.

What should she do next she wasn't quite sure-- the choices they had were few

but like it or not, their future was here, there was only one thing they could do

For the next several hours they discussed the best ways to contact the creatures below

but their choice was made when they heard the strange voice come in over their radio.

The language they heard was certainly strange and alien to their ears

but the way it was spoken had a soothing effect as if they had nothing to fear.

The strange voice went on repeating the words that none of them understood

they wanted to answer and talk to the voice but didn't know how they could.

The creature was speaking in a very strange tongue in a language none of them knew

but in order to speak to the planet below this language to learn they must do.

When the message had stopped the captain spoke up and she shared an idea with her crew.

"I think if we send their message right back they'll see what were trying to do".

So the message was sent to the planet below and they hoped that their idea had worth

Then the radio crackled and they heard an alien voice say..........



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    • point2make profile image

      point2make 5 years ago

      Thank you alocsin for your comments. I do appreciate them. After I had written this piece I also saw the resemblance to Voyager. What surprised me was that I didn't notice the similarities during the writing. It goes to show that our subconscious mind is most capable of surprise and mystery on many levels......sounds like another hub in the making!

    • alocsin profile image

      alocsin 5 years ago from Orange County, CA

      A science fiction poem -- how unusual. It reminds me of Star Trek Voyager. Voting this Up and Interesting.

    • point2make profile image

      point2make 7 years ago

      Thanks for the comment James. I'm not a poet, by any stretch, but once in a while one finds me.

    • James A Watkins profile image

      James A Watkins 7 years ago from Chicago

      Well, this is a right fine poem, my friend. Thank you for sharing it with us.