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Flash Fiction: The Joyous Soul Abandoned Due To His Pride

Updated on May 13, 2020
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A thought provoking piece on how one mistake made by pride can leave you empty, and regretful


Growing up he was always the center of a crowd, he was funny, sweet, and kind. Everything he uttered was thoughtful, and thorough. Most people tended to understand him, and most just stayed for the humor. But none the less he was appreciated.

Fast Forward to the days of adulthood, he got pre-occupied with the things that needed more priority in life. He still retained the younger side of him but, as the journey towards adulthood got tough.

He got over whelmed, and just adapted an entirely new persona. Now, he only thought of moving forward he decided to abandon that childishness inside him, and started to act mature.

But little did he know that maturity of his would come with a heart wrenching cost. Since he was so fond of being a center of attention. Suddenly seeing people not accepting this side of him raised questions inside his head.

"Am i doing something wrong"? "Am i being understood? Or did i suddenly become annoying to them"?

The Sudden Urge to Change

He started questioning himself felling into the abyss of overthinking. But even then he still had a ray of hope. That being the friends who always stood by him through some rough times.

Even though he was surrounded by people, he still chose friends wisely. Good people he knew would have his back at any given moment in life. It was only after seeing them would he always snap out of the overthinking abyss.

But they do always say nothing lasts forever. As he grew, and matured there were certain things that all friends used to do become annoying to him.

Little did he knew that his pride was growing with the profound sense of maturity but in a very negative way. He started to call those friends of his out on the dumb things they said. Even though in a group of friends this should be abstained from.

When his friends make a joke he would often say that this is childish. They understood, and tolerated his behavior at first. But he took that as a sign, thinking now that he was the smartest one.

"No one likes a know it all" especially in a group of friends but he with his new sense of pride started to became the know it all.


Forcing his opinions on those that have done nothing but be good to him. He started to fell out of place with them and sought to look for people that understood him better.

Ruining a completely good friendship just for the sake of being accepted by others with the same mindset as his. He started to ignore them, started to hang out with obnoxious pricks that would always agree with everything he said, and he started to feel good about himself once again.

But the newly found people in his life were just the same as him, arrogant and prideful. He started to feel that something was amiss, even though those new people were on the perfect level of mind as him.

They weren't like the group of friends he had, those dumb and annoying group of friends that would make the silliest of jokes even in dire situation to brighten the mood.

He missed them, and wanted to go back to them but it was too late now. Those friends have moved on just as he did, these new group of friends he had may make him have good conversation.

But they were people he knew would be temporary in his life. Now he's suddenly starting to feel abandoned, losing his precious friends just for the sake of his pride. He's surrounded by people but he's still alone.

Knowing he won't get what he had back, and he just has to pass his day's in remorse of what his pride costed him.


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