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The June Moon.

Updated on October 13, 2009


The June Moon


The June moon
sits over this
nights tomb
that enshrouds
all those sleeping
in ten billion rooms
like a half eaten
macaroon precisely hewn
it's the fingernail of God
that has been freshly groomed
or an albino watermelon
slice freshly pruned
the crickets and frogs
to it's beauty all croon
predators love it's beams
lighting their victims doom
it cuts through the thick gloom
when mortality looms
somewhere wolves howl at it
their harmonious tunes
but it's glory is short lived
for morning comes soon
when sunrise will send it
to a Chinese rendezvous
but for now I'll just sit
and be bathed in it's woos
as the tide rumbles in
and your kiss makes me swoon
content to be spending the
night here with you
with that old friend above
watching all that we do
and making things more romantic
with his glowing reviews


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