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The Karate Kid - A Poetic Synopsis

Updated on January 11, 2015

He was a young Italian kid,
new to these streets.
Had no idea of the enemy,
he thought he could beat.

A mutual liking led to an issue,
motorcycles rev up.
His head is open get him a tissue,
his training wasn't enough.

So now the situation has worsened,
the bullies won't let it be.
His mama asked as he curses,
and tries to make him believe.

The man who's good with his hands,
would provide a generous lift.
Help change a boy into a man,
that was his ultimate gift.

Did get some housekeeping done,
but that wasn't the reason.
Made muscle memory fun,
but man that lake was freezing.

Tomorrow the tournament starts,
he's ready for the shot.
But has a hole in his heart,
for the one that he forgot.

After admitting he's wrong,
the two are paired again.
And as long as he stays strong,
he'll live to see the end.

After taking some blows,
he made it to the end.
But something nobody knows,
he owes it to his friend.

After a kick to the nose,
ended his competitors bid.
The movie comes to a close,
its name The Karate Kid

© 2015 Gary Oversen



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