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The Kardashians Dream

Updated on May 14, 2014

Kardashians Dream

Okay so I’m in the elevator at my apartment building, then Kanye West comes in. I’m baffled and surprised to see him because I’m a fan of his music. He said hi to me and I told him hi. There was so many questions I wanted to ask him but I know he was a busy guy so I asked him if he was staying in Maryland long and he said just for tonight. I said cool and told him that I like hearing him freestyle.

As we got out of the building, he said thanks with a smile. I asked for a hug and he returned it. However I had no idea that paparazzi took a picture of us, now people think he’s cheating on Kim with me. I would never do that, but no one believes me and the media thinks that it looks shady. Khloe and Kim try to attack me, calling me a home wrecker. My sisters defend me and we almost fight. Both families of mine and Kim’s decide to have lunch to hash it out.

It starts with Khloe telling me that they have a baby, my sister tells her that they are fame whores. Kris Jenner chimes in that we are evil people but I tell her we are not. Kendall and Kylie say that we shouldn’t judge. I tell them that they shouldn’t judge me, I don’t judge them with the stuff they do on the Internet and on TV. Kendall says ‘at least we are on TV’. I don’t even take offense at this, I start to laugh. Everyone else joins in, we apologize and enjoy our meal.


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