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"The Kentuckian" and Other Poems

Updated on September 2, 2016

The Kentuckian

Taller than my brother, he is what many

women want: intelligent, handsome, not

unduly pushy or self-assured. With a drawl

that leaves me breathless, although

not overcome with romantic

longing, he tells about one woman,

so loved and now lost (for now or for

good: it’s impossible to say) and

another, a creature who teaches

piano lessons, who has crossed his path.


Online Dating

With two disastrous attempts behind me, I’d

return if, and only if,

there was the promise

of someone spectacular, a man so

witty, vivacious, and spiritual I can

overlook any obvious flaws,

the kind which may have detained

other women, the reasons he is

alone to begin with.

Have you ever tried online dating?

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The View

I can, if I know how to look—why, pray tell,

is this skill notoriously hard to acquire?—see

Canada from their front yard. As one

who lingers, largely contentedly, in another

landlocked state, I am easily mesmerized by

how the Pacific Ocean seems so innocently

massive, almost as if it is, for reasons unknown

and presumably unknowable,

unaware of its grandiosity.


Redefining Home

Unattached again, she wonders where

and when she’ll land elsewhere. For now she

remains in the home of a man still (I hope)

beloved while looking beyond: to

unrealized apartments, houses, and

wherever else she can lay her head.

Wait: perhaps she is already home and

the knowledge, as tenuous as fog, is escaping

her grip. Or if she

isn’t, what is the purpose of this

temporarily exile? Maybe,

just maybe, it’ll teach her how

this world, despite its vast, stubborn

unknowability, is her

home to a greater or

lesser degree.


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