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The Ketchup Chronicles

Updated on November 22, 2010

You know you use it


    Now that we are coming up on the eating season I thought long and hard on the perfect food. This food is used in all countries and in several forms. It is made up of basic food groups combined into a heavenly sauce. It can be combined in almost any dish and used as a garnish in others. Some people have told me they used it to enhance the dish they ate while others told me it was used to mask the taste of a horrible dish. Best of all in comes in a wide variety of containers. Although a fat plastic squeeze bottle is it's normal vessel of transportation ketchup can be found in glass bottles and the ever so popular squeeze packet. You can leave it out, refrigerate it or put a packet of it in your pocket so it can be used anyplace. Have you ever ate a meatloaf without a drizzle of it across the top? With the exception of our Canadian neighbors who use malted vinegar, how many french fries have you ate without ketchup on them? Squirt it on your hamburger put a shot in your chilli or put it as I do on hot buttered toast. I can't think of anything other than ice cream that can't be enhanced by the sweet and sour taste of this heavenly condiment. So now's the time to be jolly squeeze out some ketchup for your honey so she can taste what you have made and not make that face that she is afraid to eat the dish that you prepared to give her a break from her daily dinner prepares.


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    • alzel127 profile image

      Alex Zelahy 6 years ago from Indiana

      Ketchup and chocolate mixed with mexican paprika and heated slowly for about 1 hour makes a great mexican mole' sauce. Marinate beef or pork or chicken.

    • Jeannieinabottle profile image

      Jeannie InABottle 6 years ago from Baltimore, MD

      I just have to vote this one up. Ketchup really is the greatest food ever... well, ketchup, cheese, and chocolate, that is... not together on a sandwich or anything. Well, cheese and ketchup is OK, but not the chocolate. I think I went off topic. I love ketchup. That is what I wanted to say.

    • Hyphenbird profile image

      Brenda Barnes 6 years ago from America-Broken But Still Beautiful

      I love this Hub. My little boy eats so much ketchup that I buy the huge containers from Sam's Club. Today at lunch he dipped his ice cream bar into ketchup. I almost went berserk! It looked so disgusting. Thanks for the Hub. You might want to check out a ketchup Hub by dallaswriter, it is cute too.

    • alzel127 profile image

      Alex Zelahy 6 years ago from Indiana

      I really like your story about ketchup because you are a creative writer.You should be a writer for a job. You should write a really good story agian of a continuing of me and my brothers as warriors.

      Love your granddaughter,