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The Kindling That sparks Kindred Souls.

Updated on January 18, 2010




Kindred souls create the kindling,
for the sparks of inspiration,
that could set the world on fire,
with new dreams, and dedication.

From our days of kindergarten,
we were eager to uncover,
all those who had special spirits,
making friends with one another.

We were kids who found descriptions,
that would fit our toddler tongues,
drawing crayoned portraits of nature,
all God's poets, chosen ones.

Way back when we learned the beauty,
of the skills in writing thought,
hunting adjectives like candy,
words more colorful we sought,

On lined paper, poems were gathered,
hidden in a secret place,
where we'd oft peruse their meanings,
till understanding lit our face.

Knowing soon we might be joining
with some other kindred souls
to share kindling from our musings
and spark passion from the coals

Thus we all have set in motion,
a sheltered spot where we express,
gifts that stalking muses brings us,
peace, and love, great happiness.

May the light we shed warm others,
causing urges to ignite,
all the world in kindred spirits,
blessed by poetry they write.

Pens are mightier then swords,
their bold slashes can release,
the pain of hate and endless wars,
but they also offer peace.

Keyboards tap out lovely rhythms,
as the kindred souls they dance,
all in neat lines moved together,
by creative happenstance.

Welcome to this place of kinship,
let us set sail as a team,
using words to chart our journey,
to the islands of our dreams.







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