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The Kingdom Keepers: An Enchanting Hidden Gem

Updated on February 21, 2016

The Kingdom Keepers: An Enchanting Hidden Gem

The Kingdom Keepers: An Enchanting Hidden Gem

Looking for a new fantasy book to read that is like Harry Potter? Then there is something new. Something that has the same magical charm with a sense of freshness. Well I found something that might scratch that itch. I found this forgotten treasure that nobody seems to know anything about. It’s called The Kingdom Keepers: Disney After Dark written by Ridley Pearson.

So what is it about? The fantasy focuses on a thirteen year old boy name Finn who has just won a contest along with four other kids. For the prize they have themselves replicated into electronic hologram hosts to help serve people in the Disneyland theme park. Basically there’s a hologram of each kid that created to help tourists and answer questions in Disneyland. But there is a catch to all of this. Once the holograms of each kid is made something happens to them. When the kids go to sleep, they wake up in Disneyland in the form of their holograms. And at night time Disneyland comes alive. Right here I will tell you that it is not as happy go lucky as you would think it would be. It is actually a spooky kid’s tale. The evil witch Maleficent, is trying to take over the world, but to do that, she must first take over Disneyland and the kids must stop her. They go on a quest to solve a riddle in order to find the one weapon that can hurt any Disney character. This weapon is what they hope to use to fight her. Along the way they encounter psychotic animatronics dolls, dinosaur skeletons that came alive, and the evil pirate robots. There is this old West World movie vibe that flows through the whole story and that is what makes it so absolutely fun. It’s very entertaining and oddly enough tells an epic fantasy in a story set in a world that kids can completely relate to.

So the bad? I have only one real complaint with the book. Where the heck was this book when I was a kid? I would have loved this book when I was kid. I was a total Disney nerd. We had to read thirty minutes every day in elementary school and all I had to read was the Baby Sitter’s Club. I also feel that the author could have included more Disney villains, I think it would have been more entertaining.

The good? Everything about this book is really great. So to save your time, I'll move onto to the end of this review. This is pretty much a masterpiece. The most spectacular thing here is that this works. I know it sounds crazy that a scary Disneyland could work. But it really does. It works and isn’t too kiddie while it does it. It’s such a beast of a story, that somehow has all the abstract ingredients it needs to be good.

Overall, this is such a hidden gem. It is a book that no one even knows about written back in 1999 where it surely got lost in all of that Harry Potter madness. And if you're like me and this sounds fun, you’ll like it. If your kid is into reading and Disney, then get it. It’s a must read.

4 Smoothies out of Four

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