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The Kings Five Daughters

Updated on May 3, 2011

The Kings Five Daughters

The Kings Five Daughters

Long, Long Ago Far Above the sea
Lay a kingdom not that much larger than our part of the valley
It was beautiful and strong with buildings of marble
And a king with five daughters was at the head of its rule
It flourished and thrived under peaceful bliss
Never graced the earth a more happy and humble people than this.

The king was older and ready to pass away
And must confer the kingdom to someone on an oncoming day.
He had no sons and his daughters were in their youth
So he searched the kingdom for a man of truth
All that were summoned denied the position
How could the king make such a proposition?
The kingdom must go from parent to child
For that is how the law and government was styled

The king was perplexed with the decision to be made
So he consulted the prophets and priestesses who in the kingdom had stayed
One of the priestesses was once in love
With the king who by his people was so well beloved
She had given her heart but all for naught
For the king had always for the love of his wife sought

So she placed a curse upon the land
Where every man woman and child would freeze where they stand
As crazy as this may seem
The king’s five daughters were because of a dream
Laying fast asleep in there bassinets
All else were frozen including their pets.

The girls for days weeped and weeped
For their kingdom and father upon whom the curse was reaped
For years they tried and tried to break the spell
But to no use the kingdom from others memories fell

The five were persistent in this task
And eventually found a prophet whom they could ask
How this horrible curse could be broken
To his maker he asked a sign or token
Oh how this spell could be lifted

The lord answered “Each of my daughters are very gifted
And from them I need their devotion and love
To be shown to their Father up above
Recognize your talents for they are not free
And use them wisely that is the key
Build others up don’t put them down
For this you all receive the kingdom and crown
But remember to do and keep these sayings
Or the kingdom will freeze and to you returns your pains.”

The prophet spoke to each in turn
There is a great lesson from this to be learned.
You are each examples every one
And five works you must complete before the setting of the sun.

So they set forth on their way
And passed a weary traveler at the dawn of day
Four passed on but one stopped to serve
Said the traveler of this help I do not deserve
She helped him up and gave him food
Which in turn softened her mood

They continued during the light of dawn
And passed a man whose life was far gone
He sat angry at the life he was given
One stooped down to talk being positively driven
She spoke kind words and showed him the good
For this trait she had always been misunderstood
The sisters moved on their burdens lighter
The act loosened the hearts of those that were tighter

With the sun being high at a stream they did stop
For a drink of cool water to their knees did they drop
Nearby they heard crying form two little children
They moved closer and one said with a grin
Why are you crying here all alone?
Tis a bright beautiful day, to you cheer may I loan

They spoke very softly of the separation from their parents
So the five walked with them to a nearby fence
Where their parents were napping under a tree
The children were happy and cheered with glee
The Sister smiled and hugged them both together
And her heart then felt as light as a feather.

The day hurried onward the sun started to fall
A few started murmuring this task is too tall
One being true to her god never doubting
Said to the others let us be faithful on this great outing
So they pressed onward with their spirits more faithful
We will succeed and to our god be grateful

They came to a bridge which was firm when last passed
But since their last journey ore many travelers amassed
The bridge would not hold them for weak it became
Then one spoke who was wise and beautiful just the same
She spoke of a plan to overcome this situation so bleak
A plan to cross this once lowly creek

She chopped down two cedars big and round
And had the five sisters push them across the ground
They fastened them tight to each bank
And due to fatigue from the river they drank
The sun was now setting and the sisters discouraged
But seeing the prophet top the bridge felt encouraged

They went to go speak to him atop the bridge
Your hearts are now soft not cold like a fridge
For the service you’ve rendered to each of my kin
Now each in your kingdom the women and men
Have had the curse lifted forever
For you and your kingdom have been unified together

Now in service you have learned to spend all of your time
And that is the end of this story and rhyme

– Christopher David Hupp

Note from the author: A few months ago in my ward in Spanish Fork (The weekend of Grandpa Hupp’s funeral) we did an auction to raise supplies for humanitarian aid kits. The way it was set up was people from the ward would donate talents and service etc for people to bid on. When a toothbrush, comb, toothpaste, etc was donated you would receive bishop bucks. Well I donated a dinner date to the female’s favorite restaurant, a Russian lesson, quotes for two weeks straight (which I am still working on =),  and a children’s story staring who ever bought it. Well five young ladies from my ward pitched in to win the children’s story so I wrote it. The five were Breanna Fawcett, Gwen Allen, Jessica Stones, Lindsay Paxton, and Ruth Moshier. I made them guess who they were in the story.

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