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The Kings Pride And Debate,And His Princess Moment(Part 4)

Updated on July 27, 2010


She liked everything about him, his eyes of hazel, his hair black as coal, his smile white as pearls.

She new his wonderful scent told her he was not from her country.



I come from a far land in search of my faith of life and love.

I have become a man and it was time to live my father’s house to journey on my own.

I have prayed to God for the right path.

I heard of this great feast in my passing.


I watched you dance all night turning away all the knights of the king’s choice.

Fanning them away as if they were bees buzzing in your ears.

I thought I would get the same.

Your father knows you are a fine girl.

Your father loves you.

You are the pain of all his knights’ hearts.

But still they are the troops that stand by your side.


My father said the lady of my dreams would hold my spirit in her hands in an instance.

I wasn’t sure of what he spoke of until this night.

My heart fell to the floor at that moment you walked in.

I saw your spirit way pass that beautiful gown my dear princess.


This day you have won my heart dear knight. I need not ask you more.

Ask for my hand. I will go where you have made plans to go, to be your princess of love.

The one the sun will awake in the morning lying in your arms. Lets us leave here and build our very own kingdom. We will gather our riches and join them together.

Our love for one another will be the greatest of all times.


She wanted more.


The king must agree, indeed he must. You are the prize of his loins. You are your mother’s bright girl.



The knight bows down at the Kings great seat almost to kiss his feet.

Dear great king I ask you with great care for the hand of your princess.

I will cherish her as you do. Hold her close; carry her when she is low. My cloke will cover her from the storms. My love will give her all that she will have a need for. I will put my life on the line for her. I will fight for her like an army of love of ten thousand men. All that I have is hers.

©5/27/10(Sharon Smith)4


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