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The Kings Pride And Debate,And His Princess Moment(Part 5)

Updated on July 28, 2010

Dear knight as you have notice I have chosen many for my princess, but to her none will do.

She has a bright glow I can see with you in her presence.

What is so greatly that you have that no other knight can give?

What is it so greatly?

Where have you come from?

Who are you’re people?

What is it that would make you worthy of a princess?

Well my princess that is?

The name is Ongwae, Knight Ongwae.

My wealth is not my portion that I proclaim here this day.

My people is very worthy I assure you,

But they are not the question here.

My country is very rich in scents of all kinds,

But that is my quest.

Oh dear Majesty King Nile listen to my plea.

To cherish and love her is all she asks of me.

May we have your blessings oh dear king may we?

I thought not to give her to a stranger I do not know of, I have said to the queen time and time again in the past when this day would come. No knight will be fit to win a debate with me over my princess. But you have won this debate. I have watched her all night fanning them all by. I have an army of the best warriors they all bow at her feet but none she is pleading to meet. The Knights of my great city are men of my blood, but they are not the ones she wishes to love.

The king sips from his cup and reaches for his scepter:

Please step forward my dear darling child and put forward your hand.

To this knight my dear your life to be wed……

He will love you……

Cherish you….

No other to know……

May your lives together be prosperous …

And you together you hold….

Bring forth the best wine my servants this Story has been told.

My princess Jade has found her knight and now their lives will unfold.

Bring on the white carriage with six horses or so.

My princess is leaving this kingdom.

For to this her life he will hold.

I bless you dear daughter I bless you indeed,

To live out your life that is fit for a Queen.

THE END(c)6/3/2010Sharon Smith5


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