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The Kiss - A Short Story

Updated on August 7, 2017
Damian Malczewski
Damian Malczewski | Source

The beginning

She was just walking along minding her own business at this function she was attending. Well kind of anyway, she was actually contemplating the evening activities and to whom she might talk with or whether or not she wished to take a nap.

The question

While she was in contemplation about what she wished to do next this delightfully beautiful young man walks up in front of her stops and asks “May I kiss you?”

She likes this young very much, he is kind to others has a wonderful smile that gives you pause. She is surprised by his request actually but always quick with her thoughts, she smiles and tilts her head to the side just a bit and says “why do wish to kiss me?”

His reply “I just want to know what it is like to kiss you?”

“Hmmmmm let me think on this for a moment” she calmly states. After she ponders for a few seconds but feels like forever to him while he stands there in front of her waiting. She asks with a small bit of humor in her voice, “So do I just stand here and let you kiss me or do you wish for me to kiss you in return?”

He is a bit nervous now she did not respond the way he expected her to and quickly he says “I just want to kiss you.”


She goes back to thinking about letting him kiss her and just lets him stand there while she does so. She senses his nervousness as people are watching to see what she might do. She wonders where this is really coming from and why he is asking her for such a request. He is so pretty, lightly tanned skin and big brown soul full eyes, dark hair that falls to just below his neckline that looks so soft. The word why comes into her mind again with all the choices of all the people here at this function is he asking her. He is quite a bit younger, so very handsome and there are many to choose from if all he is really looking for is a simple kiss.

She knows there is more to this. So she simply says with slight bit of humor to her voice, “Ok you can kiss me." She smiles lightly the corners of her lips coming up before saying. "I will just stand here and let you kiss me the way you desire. I will keep my hands to myself and let you just kiss me. Since I am assuming that this kiss will be more than just our lips touching, right?” He nods his head in a yes motion for an answer with words had left him now.

Dante Gabriel Rossetti
Dante Gabriel Rossetti | Source

By now a small crowd had gathered and we're watching from the sidelines. This was not really the place to be private but that's OK let them watch she thinks and hear the words that come after.

He steps forward closer to her and puts his hand lightly under her chin to lift it up since he was taller than her. She let's him for she is making no moves to do anything but let him kiss her the way in which he feels he needs to. She closes her eyes and waits.

Green eyes


The gaze

He very quietly says “Will you not look into my eyes before I kiss you?” She hears confusion in his words but also desire. She responded to him with a gentle voice “Are you sure that is what you want?” “yes” he breaths out with a sigh.

She slowly opens her eyes and looks deep into his, her green eyes are so intense that he is shocked. With a soft intake of breath “Please close them again for me.”

She closes her eyes and waits for his touch, to feel his lips on hers. He did not go directly for her lips he went first for a soft kiss on her neck and a nibble on her ear lobe. Her knees gave out a little bit something she just can't help when anyone goes near her neck. He is encouraged by her reaction but he does not know this is often her reaction to that move on her. He moved to her lips and started with a gentle touch then making the kiss deeper and longer parting her lips to have a taste of what was inside.

She took the kiss and analyzed it while he kissed her, not really kissing back not really joining in the action of the kiss. She felt his desire to please her with this kiss but also noticed there was something more he seemed to be looking for. Since she had stated she would just let him kiss her that is exactly what she did.

Cupid and Psyche

Internet Archive Book Images
Internet Archive Book Images | Source

A kiss

The kiss was good it felt warm and delicious, his lips were soft and the kiss was not a hard force but firm. She felt his sensuality as he was kissing her but gave none back to him. She felt the heat of him standing so close to her she took this all into herself feeling it, enjoying it, knowing those watching were enjoying it as well. His kiss ended and he pulled back slowly and stepped away, just a small step. The folks watching were now hooting and clapping. She opened her eyes and looked into his and saw an unsure look in his eyes a question on his face.

She smiled at him and said “Was the kiss what you thought it might be?” Now all the watchers were really quiet and listening intently waiting for his answer. “Well” he said “I thought you might feel more and that I would feel something in return.” She took a deep breath and exhaled slowly, looked at him directly in the eye with her intense gaze and replied. “I ask you again why did you really want to kiss me in front of all these people?”

He just stood there such a beautiful man, his eyes liquid brown eyes were questioning showing a bit of uncertainty . He had no verbal response to give her he just stood there if you were close enough to him you could see a bit of red on his tan brown cheeks.

And so she began her own response to the question that she had asked him.

“There could be many reasons as to why, and so I will attempt to name them." She gently says. "But first I wish to say I did ask you if wanted anything from me and your answer was no, only that you wanted to kiss me." Then with a question in her voice "Is that not exactly what I did?" He nodded his head in response. She continued and hers grew softer "It was a wonderful and beautiful kiss, it felt full of passion and I enjoyed the kiss that you gave me. I felt the kiss deep inside I felt your sensuality wash into me with your kiss and your breath." She stopped speaking for a moment and noticed that he had relaxed a bit. "I think though that you expected me to give you something in return to give some kind of kissing magic by accepting your kiss that I would enjoy it so much and in return give it back to you. If that is what you wanted you should have asked for that I might have said yes."

She continued with a bit of firmness now in her voice. "There are many others here with us who also hold the power of sensuality that you could have chosen who might have also said yes if you had of asked them and those others both man and woman are as respected as I am by the people here. For you perhaps I seem to be more, perhaps I seem more approachable than the others. Perhaps you felt I might say yes easier than any of the others. Maybe you think by kissing me you will receive kudos from your peers."

She felt now he felt a bit chastised she wanted him to learn something more. So she stopped looking him in the eye pulled away her direct gaze and let him look elsewhere. But with all the people around his audience without asking for one but knowing it would be there. He looked down at the ground instead.

Whispers and wind


The answer

With a soft voice she says "Let me tell you and show you something, when you feel your sensuality deep within yourself and love what is within you. When you stop the desire to obtain it from others, when you stop using it to make others feel good by wanting more of it from you.”

She then stepped forward reached up her hand and placed it on the side of his neck with the fingertips of her hand touching where the spine and the head connect and the side of her palm just touching the side of his neck. She gently asks him “Look into my eyes now.” As he did what she requested he expected that intense gaze he had a little fear what he might find and instead found himself looking into liquid light. He met with soft green liquid pools of love and sensuality. He felt like he would fall into the depths of forever, he felt like he was going to drop to the ground and yet he knew she would hold him up. He softly drew in his breath as she held him there then she quietly stated like a whisper on the wind.

“When you find this place within you, you can hold up a person with just one hand.”

The she asked “Do you wish to kiss me again?” He replied with a smile “No, for now I understand.”

Would you kiss her again?

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    • Penelope Bucket profile imageAUTHOR

      Penelope Bucket 

      2 years ago from Seattle area

      Thank you Jodah.

    • Jodah profile image

      John Hansen 

      2 years ago from Queensland Australia

      This was very unique. Wonderful writing. I loved it.


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