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The Kite Runner - A Grade Example Essay - English Literature Ella 1 - Baba's Letter to Rahim Khan

Updated on April 13, 2012

Imagine that Baba writes a letter to Rahim Khan after he and Amir have been in America for a few years. Write this letter, in which Baba explains how he feels a

You should give careful consideration to your language choices and style, which should achieve a sense of Baba’s voice.

Dearest Rahim Khan Sahib,

Inshallah, this message will reach you in good time and health! I have so much to tell you my old friend. So much to ask. I pray that you are healthy and comfortable wherever you are.
How is life in Afghanistan Rahim? I hope that you have not been affected by the damned Roussi or the Taliban. It has been a long time since we last contacted each other. I have missed you old friend. Are you still in touch with our old friends? Do you throw mehmanis still and talk of politics? I will never forget all that we have been through Rahim. How you cared for Amir in a way that I could not. How you were always aware of how other’s worked. How you understood me, impressively so. Memories like that are not quickly overlooked.
Are you still looking after my old house? Suffice to say, there will be little need for that anymore, you may do what you wish with it, that is if it is of any use to you and if it exists at all. Amir and I have made a life here in America and are not intending on coming back. It is better for Amir here. Afghanistan was no place for him. There is more freedom here, more opportunity for a young man. If you work hard you are guaranteed success. Your efforts are rewarded seemingly permanent, not like Afghanistan where my life’s efforts were destroyed in a matter of days. Nay, I will never stop respecting and loving my watan, but America is a better place for a child.
Amir jan has done well here, he has made me proud. He has graduated from college with only the best grades, and has dedicated himself to a career in writing, much to my dismay. Though I will not push it any further, I would have preferred if he had gone into medicine. But writing was always his passion, ever since you started encouraging him as a child. Tashakor Rahim, you provided something to my son that I could not provide, understanding. You were right back then In Afghanistan, sometimes I am very self centered indeed, I now accept that children should flourish the way they do naturally, not by being forced. I can see he is much happier now. I have grown to accept Amir’s differences, and although it is not always easy seeing them, I understand that I alone will not and shouldn’t change that in him.
Amir has a wife now! Her name is Soraya jan, she is beautiful and loyal to him. She tends to me when I am sick as one of her own and is from a respectable family. Do you remember General Ikbal Taheri? He’s her father. They have an apartment together where I currently live. They are happy, Rahim.
As for me, America has not been easy. I have taken up a job as a gas station attendant via an old friend. The work is hard and laborious and nothing like the life I had in Afghanistan. Of course, It could have been easier. Here in America they offer you welfare benefits, they give you food tokens so that you may afford cheaper food than everyone else! As if an Afghans man like me would be interested! Afghan men are those of nang and namoos. Even when out of Afghanistan! To take this free money would have been a form of theft. So please do not worry about me Rahim, life has been hard here but that is how I choose it to be. You know of my past sins with Sanaubar, and I still am fighting the guilt of it all. Here in America it is us, not Ali and Hassan who are the servants, living in squalid conditions and working hard every day for our necessities. Allah has been just in doing this. I deserve this Rahim.
I would be very grateful for any information about Hassan and Ali’s lives. Did Hassan grow up strong like the father he never knew was his? Has he married? Is it a Hazara like him? Is he safe? Inshallah, he is happy and sinless. He was a hard worker, loyal and moral like his father. I cannot see why Allah would wish to punish him. He never wronged anybody else.
Rahim, in times of comfort like these now, I think of you and my past like in Afghanistan. The stories I could tell. The memories we have. I pray that you have not forgotten me or our adventures together, and will be able to reply to this message. Know that I would be grateful for any contact and will always cherish my old friend Rahim Khan.

Your loyal friend,



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      Donyell 2 years ago

      Arcleits like this make life so much simpler.