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The Kite Runner - A Grade Example Essay - English Literature Ella 1 - Farid's Monologue with Maryam

Updated on June 23, 2014

Imagine that on returning from the trip to save Sohrab, Farid gives an account to his wife of his impressions of Amir. Write what Farid says.

Give careful consideration to your language choices, form and style, in order to convey a sense of Faridís voice and attitudes.

Salaam alaykuum Maryam jan! Inshallah all is well with you, Wahid, and the children. I have missed you! I know I have been gone a long time, and you will want me to explain to you what Amir agha and I have been through.
I must tell you, and I pray that Allah will forgive me for this, but I was completely wrong about Amir agha. I thought he was just like all the other upper class snobbish Afghans, the ones that if not selling their property here and fleeing abroad, stayed and joined the Taliban with an ‘honourable’ position and live a life of luxury, like they always have. The ones who threw mehmanis and had Hazara servants who were treated like dirt. Who looked down at us. But nay, Amir agha is nothing like that. He has nang and namoos.
We went to save him, Sohrab that is, his ex-servant’s son, just like Amir had promised. Maryam jan, you should have seen the state of Amir agha when he left with Sohrab from the Taliban house, I was surprised he was still alive! And that isn’t laaf either! And all I could do was shout ‘Bismillah! Bismillah!’ Nay, the true Afghan there was Amir. He would not tell me what happened in there, and in truth I still do not want to know. Afterwards, the Taliban were chasing him because he and Sohrab had hurt a Talib official, the sick son of a dog who is in charge of the stonings at Ghazi Stadium. I was terrified Maryam jan, but Amir didn’t seem to care, he just wanted Sohrab to be safe.
And I thought he was greedy, can you believe that? Maryam jan, he gave us . . . he gave us two thousand dollars! I thought he was greedy Maryam jan! It seemed like he had come into our home and taken our food, but now, our children will never have to starve again!
And you should have seen the way he cared for that boy too, he’s not like any other upper class Afghan that I’ve ever known. For a grown Pashtun to care so much about a Hazara! A Shi’a! To risk his life like that… You saw how Sohrab wouldn’t talk, stayed quite, it was hard getting any response out of him at all. I told Amir agha that the boys took a liking to him, but how could they have? He didn’t say a word! But that didn’t stop Amir, the caring look he gave Sohrab, a boy that most Pashtuns would have spat at for being a Hazara, it was heart warming.
I will be honest, at first he seemed to me like everything I hated about Afghanistan, a sheltered USA citizen coming here for selfish reasons. The smell of his sick still remains in my car today. But Amir is truly a brave and honorable man, emotional, and very carsick, yes, but a true Afghan man.

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