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The Kite Runner - A Grade Example Essay - English Literature Ella 1 - Rahim Khan's Diary Entry

Updated on April 13, 2012

Imagine that Rahim Khan keeps a diary in which he records his thoughts and feelings. Write an entry for this diary on the day he gives Amir feedback on his stor

In this entry, Rahim Khan reveals his thoughts on Amir’s character and Amir’s relationship with Baba and Hassan.
You should give careful consideration to your language choices and style, which should achieve a sense of Rahim Khan’s voice.

July 1973

Mashallah, Amir jan has impressed me today.This evening he wrote a sophisticated story full of thought and irony, a characteristic I very much appreciate. He is truly a gifted boy. I wished to encourage him and told him bravo several times today, but I worry that Amir realises that I pity him.
Pity him because his own father fails to acknowledge his abilities and his intrinsic worth; too obsessed with nang,namoos, and courage to appreciate anything else. And in truth, Allah forgive me, I do pity Amir. No boy should have to want his father’s love so much but be rejected at every attempt at warming up to him. Today, It was Baba to whom the privilege of reading Amir’s story was given. Of course, Baba being little interested in both literature and his son’s interests showed very little enthusiasm. Luckily, I was present to show Amir jan that not everyone is like Baba, and that I was very keen on reading his story.
Love him like I do, It saddens me sometimes just how insensitive dear Baba can be. Stubborn too, which I think is the basis of his troubles. He has decided on Amir becoming like him, and every time he sees one of Allah’s signs showing him it will never happen, he is frustrated. Although I do understand Baba’s comportment, I pray that he will learn one day that Amir will, inshallah, grow up to be happy and successful, not by the same path as his father, but a different path entirely.
Despite Baba’s concerns, I see Amir has the foundations of what every true Afghan, nay, every true man, is built on. Sadness and suffering. Longing for what he cannot have and being too greedy with that which he can. Unfortunately, I see this in his every day life, desiring Baba’s attention and abusing the power he has over Hassan. However, I see similar concepts in his writing, It is written far more emotional, far more expressive than to be expected from his age. This both relieves and grieves me. Relieves me because it means that Amir jan understands what he is doing to Hassan and his desire for his father, feels remorse for it, tries to better himself. Grieves me because fighting guilt and rejection is a lifelong occupation of pain and hurt. Acceptance is a gift and those who are amoral will live happier lives than those who are immoral. It is God’s way. The gift of knowledge must come at a price.
It is a grave shame that Baba doesn’t realise this in his own son, for he too is built on the same foundation of guilt. His mistake with Sanaubar, Allah forgive him, is proof of that. His on going emotional turmoil is still very present even to this day and I can see this in his actions. In his orphanage. In his donations. It worries me that he is effecting Amir with this however. I see how Baba treats Hassan sometimes better than Amir, longing to treat Hassan as a legitimate son, seeing himself in Hassan’s bravery and remembering that he cannot ever treat him like his true bachem. I also see how Amir is upset by this treatment of what he thinks is somebody else’s child. Allah forgive me but I cannot tell him about Hassan. It is not my place to, and besides, what would everyone think? Amir jan is delicate, he would not take it easily. Nay, I must wait patiently until he is more mature.
This saddens me deeply but I can see that he enjoys his good relationship with me, I am some sort of compensation for a father who cannot comprehend his own son. I will continue to encourage his writing, purchase him a notebook to write more stories in, and try to be a supporting authority figure for him. Inshallah, he will grow up well and It would please me very much to see that. As Amir jan grows, I pray that Baba will see the error of his ways and accept Amir jan as his own.


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    • Kevin6779 profile image

      Kevin6779 5 years ago from

      You're quite welcome!

    • Philanthropy2012 profile image

      DK 5 years ago from London

      Thank you very much Kevin : )

    • Kevin6779 profile image

      Kevin6779 5 years ago from

      A very good diary, having read the Kite Runner so long ago, but this diary brings back memories and feelings that I felt I should have written in my own "diary." I do indeed remember how much Amir had fought for his father's (Baba's) attention, and how horribly he had treated Hassan, because of the attention, albeit out of guilt and pity, that Baba had lavished on Hassan. Amir only realized too late after the tragedy of Hassan that the boy was really his brother! Instead, Amir had taken advantage of the caste system that Hassan apparently belong to, whereas he and his father were well-to-do by comparison. I also remember how brave and genuine Hassan was compared to Amir own selfishness, traits that Amir only discovered after it was too late. Good diary.