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The Kite Runner - A Grade Example Essay - English Literature Ella 1 - Soraya's Diary Entry

Updated on June 23, 2014

Imagine that Soraya keeps a diary in which she records her thoughts and feelings. Write an extract from this diary shortly after Amir's return to America with S

You should give careful consideration to your language choices and style, which
should achieve a sense of Soraya’s voice.

August 2001

Mahshallah! Amir is back and succeeded in bringing Sohrab jan back with him! I am so happy to see Amir again, I missed him so much, I missed the way he looked at me, our whispers at night and the comfort of his arms. Also, I was beginning to get tiredof padar and his ways around the home. I missed it being just me and Amir. No petty comments about what I’m doing and the way I live my life.
Madar jan is equally happy to see Amir back too, little Sohrab excites her, I hope that he will be the grandson that she has always wanted. It pleases me to see how well madar gets on with Sohrab, though I wish padar would try a little harder to accept him. I think he’s afraid of being seen as loving a Hazara. Sometimes I think Afghan’s nang and namoos is immoral, who cares if he’s a Hazara? Or a Shi’a? He’s our family now and we will all love him regardless of what father thinks. Not to mention the fact that Sohrab shares some of Amir’s blood. I found it exhilarating when Amir corrected padar at dinner time, it was the first time I’d seen anyone address my father in such a way. Amir came back a different man, still the man that I love, but braver and more assertive. I felt that our marriage had come to a standstill like all of the American sitcoms and movies talk about, ending in a big anticlimax and grief or happiness for all. This is much like what happened with Amir, his trip brought back not only Amir and Sohrab, but excitement too, breathing life into our lives again. It made me excited. Excited to live.
Unfortunately, Sohrab is very reserved. He is so quiet and at times frustratingly unresponsive. He rarely eats, and doesn’t seem to show any affection to me or even Amir! He drifts through his day staring and thinking, staring and thinking relentlessly. I dream of finding out things about him, finding out what his favourite movies will be, what he thinks of Amir’s stories, how he’ll do in school, what he’ll do when he’s older. I love the thought of me being his Khala Soraya. At the moment though he is like a decoration, he is koshteep, but doesn’t say or do anything.
I understand why he is like that though, Amir told me that he was sexually abused by the taliban and then tried to end his own life! No wonder he does not talk! I think it will be a long time before he learns to trust anyone ever again, but inshallah, Amir and I will show him that here in the US there is nothing to be afraid of. No taliban, no mines, no war. I am hopeful that through our love he will get better.

I pray to Allah everyday for both the health of his body and his mind. For now, I am hopeful that Sohrab will get better and more confident. But as any mother should be, I will be cautious and patient for results.

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