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"The Knife/ The Needle" by Eric Wayne Flynn

Updated on September 25, 2014

"The Knife/ The Needle"

And as the heart breaks

From the fall, the sickness, the drug, the dream

Subsiding under ice; the thick layer of numbness

Watching the pieces of red scatter about through our window of grey

Brittle in the blue, blown by the wind

The red puzzle presents the question of how to make amends

With the culprit, the prince, the princess

The ideal, the illusion, the word


The thing that got us here


The thing to set us free

The invisible spirit, you recognize you, I recognize me

Through the ice, up out the grey

Reaching out, with not a moment to spare

Black thoughts, threading through red in repair

Pierced and punctured, again and again and again

And again, in the end...

Black thoughts; the thread pulling us through

The knife giveth way to the needle

Plunging into the darkest part of me, the darkest part of you


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