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The Kyaa

Updated on March 25, 2015

Lisa is a young girl whose Mother is believed to have Schizophrenia, she later discovers an old diary of a Mother that is convinced her adopted Daughter Kyaa is a Demon. But is this all just a 'Mental illness' or did this diaries events actually happen? Lisa is thrust into fear as she discovers the truth to the Diary and the Demon.

It all started when I was in my Mothers home I was the age of fifteen my father was absent from my life as my Mother had taken me from him a few years back he never won the custody battle he had moved away to another part of the country.

I had noticed my Mother had not been her self it started a year ago her symptoms of 'Mental illness' it had worried me for sometime now but every time I did ask her "What is wrong?" she would answer with always the same reply "Nightmares...the..the..k..yaa" I had not known what this meant.

Well anyway a few weeks down the line my Mother began to deteriorate her hallucinations became that of a reality to her I was certainly convinced she was having a breakdown she would constantly be screaming "The...Kyaa, The Kyaa". One night I awoke to the sound of "Thud, Thud" Wondering what on earth that was and were it was coming from I got up to investigate.

Walking out onto the hallway my door slams behind me which indeed made me jump but what startled me next was as I walked down the steps halfway I heard a giggle this I know I heard because it would be hard to forget a very spine tingling laugh like that. I came across my Mother swinging a knife not knowing the difference between reality and non reality "There! Over there!" She cried out but I saw nothing.

Next thing I know she swung the knife at me it stabbing deeply into my arm a high pitched scream escaped my mouth Mother had dropped the knife realising what she had done the Ambulance was called. My Mother was sectioned under the mental health act which they sent her to the psychiatric ward, I had stitches because the damage was a close call they discharged me from the hospital I later realised I was now going to be home alone.

As soon as I got home that night I could not sleep little did I know it was going to be a very long sleepless night of terror. It was 03:31 in the morning waking to scratches on my bedroom door this completely freaked me out because I was the only one in the house thoughts flooded into my mind "Was this real? or is it just me it is very late at night could just be my mind playing games" I slowly closed my eyes again drifting off it was now 04:31 but this time now awoke to the same giggle I heard when my mother stabbed me.

Five minutes later grabbing hold of the lamp on the lamp stand I take myself to the door and slowly I opened it but nothing was there I was extremely freaked out but brushed it off as being scared because I was home alone and because it was dark and of a night my mind was probably just really tired so I jumped into my bed pulling the covers over my head to fall asleep I woke early that morning around about 09:30 wondering if it was a dream or not.

I visited my Mother today but she was heavily sedated the doctor had told me she is relapsing but went on to ask if my Mother had any previous "Mental Health" problems he continued with what he suspected which was that my Mother has Schizophrenia "it seems to make sense to me" I told the Doctor as he listened while writing on his notepad "considering she made up this character named kyaa" I explained.

Afterwards I went home while doing my Mothers bed I pulled up the pillows noticing that laying underneath the pillow was an old looking diary, inside it had an index but wrote on it was the name "Kyaa Medlow observations" it struck a nerve as I remembered this name my Mother had been chanting across this home it shocked me to the point I threw it across the room.

Picking back up the diary I was curious on the first page it was not my Mother's writing but seemed to have a story of a child a Mother was writing about, it seemed as if she was insane she was convinced her Daughter was a demon I read a paragraph that stated "Kyaa is dangerous today I noticed she had blood covered all over her but she reassured me saying it was just red paint, This house we are living in is creepy and taking a toll on us all but Kyaa she seems like she is in her element this child I feel is possessed oh God please help us take this child away it... it's evil!"

There was another paragraph on the next page were the Mother stated her thoughts on how Kyaa had became a Demon I could not help but think that this diary had played on my Mother's mind and that is why my Mother had gone insane and was convinced this Kyaa girl was around it was like this home was cursed and the curse was "Mental illness" but as I read this diary entry it began to give me the creeps this Mother seemed like she was beyond the stage of "Mental illness" it brought me to the conclusion of whether this was real or not, the diary was pretty old.

"My Kyaa is not my Kyaa any more I believe I saw her entering the woods she was talking to what looked like air, which was nothing of course, Am I going insane?? after all she was adopted, they said she was found outside a church abandoned, left by her parents they were never found and was unknown, I think her parents were demons because this child is evil I just know it! a Mother knows these things! but why won't they believe me I am not insane!, I know Kyaa reconnected with her true evil self inside those woods her parents must have been the air she was talking too but I could not see them because they were demons of course that must be it, she knew who she was I saw her she was whispering evil things and her hands were covered in blood her eyes I swear they was black, I feel like I am going crazy but I am not and no one believes me, we never should have adopted but I knew this child needed a home, damn my Motherly instincts!"

This brought up my fears imagine adopting a child as if it was your own that never grew in your womb but you felt a Motherly connection a bond unbreakable from this child you think is innocent only to realise that this is not your child not the same child you had adopted but thought it was that of a Demon or Demoniacally Possessed this is what this Woman who had wrote this was convinced! I could not help but think the Woman who had wrote this diary was insane but as I read on it was a little more intriguing, I found this girl was not hers by birth but adopted I was learning a lot about this Kyaa.

Kyaa was adopted by this Mother who then went on to have two other children Kyaa being the first but grew up a child with sick delusions she seemed to act older then the age she really was. Her Mother was French but spoke English with the accent the Father was English but passed away from a tragic accident which left him deceased after falling from their home balcony killing him instantly this left Margarita the Mother raising three children alone.

The Mother had always believed that Kyaa was the one who pushed her Father off the balcony which killed him instantly on impact. Many of the Children were vanishing mysteriously throughout the neighbourhood Margarita believed Kyaa was the cause she devised a plan to end Kyaa's life when she found her two sons had vanished but Kyaa seemed to mysteriously know what had happened to them but had used it to her advantage to play with her Mothers head as it was her sick game that she thought was funny.

In the diary Margarita had wrote how she had found the boys, reading this broke my heart I could tell how anybody reading this could lose their sanity what I read was startling and deep down was the feeling of sorrow and of guilt because I could not save them as I was just a reader and this happened in the past it was a horrible feeling knowing this diary was a Mother's who was suffering from a very hard loss and I had the feeling she was mentally broken down and this was all in her head just like my own Mothers.

"It was the evening of Thursday 2nd of January I remember this to be because it was freezing and I remember my hands were as cold as ice, Kyaa was nowhere to be seen to my suspicions she was up to something deep and dark this child I can tell...this child is not human. I had been walking through the woods in search of my boy's when I came across a graveyard with names of the Vanished Children that were found deceased to my shock I called out their names but my Boy's never answered walking further I tripped over into a pool of blood I began to scream as loud as I could I was startled by kyaa spying she had a sinister childlike giggle it frightened me so much I cried out "What do you want?" but then I turned to get back up my Boy's... My Boy's they were dead.. throats slit bodies drained of blood they were lifeless cold to the bone I stayed by the dead bodies all night until Roger found me uncontrollably shaking, freezing, traumatised and frightened."

Now upon finding this in the diary I knew how it would feel to lose something you loved so much as my baby sister Evelyn had died of 'cot death' at just three months old when I was nine years of age, but the way she seen her Daughter peeking and giggling was what drawn me to the story I decided to do some research by typing in the name on the Internet "Kyaa Medlow" Upon typing this I came across the Previous owner of this house the Mother's name "Margarita Medlow" a family tree showing "Margarita (Mother)" "Jenson (Father)" They was a married couple they became the "Medlows" they went on to have three children the first was adopted they named her "Kyaa Medlow" the middle son "Andrew Medlow" and youngest "Landon Medlow".

Searching through this I came across a link stating news reports to which I clicked but what came up was disturbing it had every report but one that caught my eye was by the title "Mother kills daughter and turns up dead" I read this article pretty old halfway through this article it described the deaths

"Margarita Medlow was convinced her eldest daughter Kyaa Medlow was not a human but of a demon 'she is mentally ill a family friend proclaimed just yesterday to the media' she had lost her two Son's and Husband in tragic accidents which could have been the cause for this woman to have a mental breakdown Margarita was arrested as her daughter was found Murdered by a knife wrapped in holy water it is believed the Mother of Kyaa thought her child to have been a Demon therefore killing her she was rushed to hospital after having a mental breakdown and had very severe deep wounds and lacerations to her arms, legs and face but later was found dead in the hospital bed by Doctors her neck had been snapped."

After reading this I wondered could Kyaa be real? or is this house just cursed because of the Mothers mental illness? I started to lose sight of reality and in deep thought it kept me awake half of the night just from fear itself because my Mother had been subjected to this house's mental illness curse, I did not want to believe that Kyaa was real and here in this home but that it was just Margarita's mental illness and mind that caused her to write that diary and that it was just a serial killer that murdered her boys and those many vanished children and because of her mental illness had mistaken it to be her daughter Kyaa because she was adopted it would make sense right? I knew I was in denial because I never really believed in the supernatural.

I had heard the giggles I saw the signs, whether this was in my head or not, or whether I was in denial I did not want to believe these were signs of a murderess ghost/demonic child this diary had drove my Mother insane because she was having a mental breakdown too my only thought was burning the diary but instead I took it to the garden burying it deep into the ground. So if anyone had found this diary it would be a warning to them to stay away from this cursed home, I could not bring myself to burn the diary as I knew that Margarita story would live on though it and that it was a reminder of this homes past and that Margarita would not of wanted her diary burned I somehow came to the thought that she would want people to know the curse of the house. My head baffled so I walked into the house calling a friend over we stayed together in the house.

During the night around 3:31 in the morning the same time I had woken up previous nights ago I had a phone call it was the Hospital "Hello, Lisa..we have terrible news, It's you'r Mother she..well we found her, her neck has been snapped we are sorry for you'r loss." As soon as I dropped the phone I was too quiet I think it was out of shock. I told the hospital I will be there in the morning.

It became 4:31 I could not sleep my eye's were stinging from crying so I decided to get a cup of water I noticed my friend was missing so trying to find her I called out "Sophie!?? Sophie?!! where are you?!!" I tripped over something in the dark so turning on the light to my entire shock I found Sophie dead with her throat slit, Blood drained and cold a blood curdling scream escaped my mouth. My thoughts turned to the diary I knew this was how the son's of Margarita had died this had to have been a joke, either that diary was cursed or this house because it was strange to know that the deaths of my Mother and Sophie were exactly the same as Margarita and her son's deaths, because no one else but my mother and myself had read this diary to even know the events.

I heard a giggle it was not in my head I knew this because my sanity was well and I know reality from imagination so turning towards the window was a girl a young girl around the age of 10 covered in blood with Black long hair her eyes were empty like black slits surrounding her was lost souls whispering eerily "Help..Kyaa is death"..

Knowing I was next I took off running through the woods into a dark cave hiding there, that is when I felt blood pour down my head all faded to black.. waking up inside the Hospital Doctors told me "Lisa, You was found in a cave do you remember anything at all?" all that came out of my mouth was "Kyaa, Kyaa...she is death" they kept me until I calmed down then discharged me.

Police were all around the home they thought it to have been a burglar that had entered my home and because Sophie had gone to get a drink and had noticed the burglar she was killed for seeing him and the burglar panicked and fled the home because he/she of murdered someone but they never found the murderous burglar and Sophie's parents were heartbroken I had no words to tell them I just cried uncontrollably at her funeral but could not help the feeling of being watched.

It was then the day of my Mother's funeral nobody could explain how her neck had snapped and how she could of done this herself but Doctors insisted that is was possible she fell out of the hospital bed and landed on her neck which had snapped her neck because of the hard impact and the hard flooring but I knew deep down it was the Kyaa and I was afraid I would be next I did not say anything as I did not want to be told I have a 'Mental illness' I knew this is what they would of thought so I did nothing but cry I never really got over my Mother's death.

The day after my Mother's funeral my Father Kevin had turned up he was very sad and paid his respects to my Mother's grave I had not seen my Father in a while as he had lost custody of me a few years back but because of being the age of fifteen he then had the right to take me in we moved as far away from the hell home as my Father had a new family he had re-married a Woman named Sarah and had two twin children a boy and girl named Clara and Jack living in a five bedroom house it had plenty of space they supported me and I was happy I stayed with my Father until the age of 21 that was when I met Joseph we fell in love after about a year and a half and with my father's consent we were married and happy.

Yes I shared the stories of the home and diary with my Father but he just insisted it was my Mother's delusions that were taking a toll on myself because I practically had to look after her like she was the child and I the Mother and that she was brainwashing me to deny reality I have never mentioned the experiences ever again.

Since then I have never been back to that house but occasionally I will drive down their and watch for a few hours because of the memories and what I have seen has confirmed to me that this house is in fact cursed.

I have seen many families move into that home which is beautiful on the outside and evil, dark, and hellish on the inside they are chased away a lucky escape they would have had only few survive this nightmare house which some describe to be cursed I knew this was because of the creature that I named myself "The Kyaa" she was the truth to that diary but I was not sure whether it was actually the Mother who was insane and she had murdered her daughter who then became a vengeful spirit which then cursed the home because she was forever tied to that hellish house or that Kyaa was an actual Demon and her Mother's diary was a warning and her screams were a cry for help that were never answered.

I will never know this for sure but I do know that I have a family of my own I shall protect with my life, two daughters, one son and a lovely husband that dotes on them and myself, since I lost my Mother and best friend life was never the same but I met the man of my dreams and we have a wonderful family but I could not help but think that adopting was never going to be an option for me giving the experiences.

The Kyaa is out there somewhere and coming close to that house again was never a thought in my mind I could not risk to be another Mother cursed by a Demon and a Diary.

The End.

Evil has a Diary to drive you Crazy

An Epilogue of Delusions but is this all in the mind?

This is my old YouTube channel where I used to make Short Movie Videos this one was called "My Imaginary Friend Charley"

In this video is where I got the Idea of the Kyaa I know it seems unrelated but it was the end where the girl turns evil because of her imaginary friend but you instantly think, is the real? is the not? is it all in my head?? you would instantly think the girl has schizophrenia wouldn't you?

well it is the unknown that inspired me to think about something different where the character does not know whether, she, her Mother, and Margarita were going insane and seeing things because of either 'Mental illness' or because of 'fear' or the conclusion because it is 'Real'

Your probably thinking, well how is this video in anyway connected to the story??, well that's the thing it is not, but it is the 'unknown' and what your mind is telling you about this girl in the video that inspired this story, it is loosely based on people thinking these two Woman have a "Mental illness" and not hearing their cries for help and instead of opening their eyes to the "Real Truth" they just "push it away"

And then it comes to the girl in the video, well I decided to make a character based of the evil part of that girl and have a Mother write a diary on her believing her child to be Evil and a Demon, but everyone around her thinks she's going insane, now it is you as the reader to decide whether you believe this is all on the two Mother's heads and Lisa's head or whether the events around them from the Kyaa are real, so to find out what you think you'll have to read.

  • Just remember to stay focused on your story
  • If your stuck look for some inspiration
  • keep your thoughts deep and think of impacting others
  • Give a personality to each of your characters that either gives them an edge, or tell your self why do they stand out to different people, why are my characters these kind of people
  • Don't be afraid to add a little background on the Story and Characters
  • If you have an inspiration for you'r story share it people will want to know
  • If your story is from you'r mind also state that too
  • People love creative stories so try to make it as creative as possible but not making is as confusing
  • Help the audience reading your story understand what it's about, the backgrounds, Where it happened, What happened, Who it happened too etc
  • Tell an in depth story and make it stand out
  • Give as much information as you possibly can describing the Acts, Events, Characters, Reactions etc

With all this information you will be flying and I wish you good luck make sure you tap into you'r emotional state, and what the character Feels and Felt the day it happened for example

"The day it happened I felt as if my whole world had crumbled I just wanted the ground to swallow me up so I did not have to face the shame".

tell a story you'll be great!

What do you think of Margaritas "Mental State"?

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Memory Game Quiz- Can you remember what happened in the story?

  1. What was wrong with Lisa's Mother?
  2. Where exactly did Lisa find the Diary?
  3. How did Lisa's Mother die?
  4. Where is Lisa's dad?
  5. What is "The Kyaa"?
  6. How many kids did Margarita have and what Gender?
  7. How did Margarita kill Kyaa and why?
  8. How did Margaritas husband meet his end (Death)?
  9. Who was Sophie?
  10. Who did Lisa move in with near the end of the story?

What is your opinion on this story? and what is your conclusion to what was happening?

Please share your answers and your opinion and conclusion to what you think was happening in the comments below!



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    • kayleigh jayde profile imageAUTHOR

      Kayleigh Jayde 

      3 years ago from England

      Great idea thankyou

    • BibiLuzarraga profile image

      Consuelo De Bilbao Luzarraga aka Bibi 

      3 years ago from Doral, FL (Greater Miami)

      Hopefully you will write the sequel--in reverse--if you'd like, buy a Little Tree Car Freshener to clear your mind for meditative inspiration...Bibi Luzarraga.

    • kayleigh jayde profile imageAUTHOR

      Kayleigh Jayde 

      3 years ago from England

      oh yeah, I see your point It will be a great sequel, and that its all in her head :) great and thanks good to hear your opinion :)

    • BibiLuzarraga profile image

      Consuelo De Bilbao Luzarraga aka Bibi 

      3 years ago from Doral, FL (Greater Miami)

      This hub seems a bit familiar and it brings to mind that it may very well be the other way around and, the mom has a Multiple Personality Disorder rather than Schizophrenia and IS the devil herself; now you have material to write another hub :) you're welcome :) Bibi Luzarraga.


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