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The LION and the MOUSE

Updated on September 5, 2009

The Lion and the Mouse

Is was a hot day. A lion was sleeping in a forest. A little mouse was playing here and there near the lion. It  ran up to the lion’s nose. The lion got up. He caught it to kill it.

The poor mouse said, Lord! I am very sorry. It is my mistake. I woke you up. I shall not do it again. Please pardon me and leave me. I shall help you one day. The lion let the mouse free.

Some days passed. One day the lion was caught in a net. He began to roar. He tried again and again to come out of the net. The little mouse heard the roar of the lion. It came to him and saw him in the net.

The little mouse began to bite the net with its teeth. Soon the net was cut and the lion was free. He was happy.  He thanked the little mouse. They lived as friends from that day.


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    • profile image

      angelica ado 5 years ago

      its is very interesting to read

    • profile image

      zoey 8 years ago

      awww.....thats cute.