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The Labyrinth-Part VII

Updated on December 25, 2012

Someone Is About To Experience QUITE A Wake-Up Call!

Joseph Krauss is slated to play the numbers game of the most intense and infernal kind. Baal and Jaq have elevated the stakes- the winner gets a reprieve but the loser must be their servant, doing what noxious and distasteful tasks the two demonic entities want. Baal and Jaq explained the terms and conditions of the game to him. However, he was not pleased at all- mathematical calculations were never his forte. As he looked more bewildered at the prospects, both demonic entities burst into such a laughter that would scare the most hellish and fiendish entities!

Baal and Jaq invited Lucifer for a wager regarding Joseph. Joseph was becoming increasingly agitated. Baal and Jaq sensed his extreme agitation and began to bully him in the way he used to bully the more sensitive and weaker boys. Obviously, he did not appreciate being on the receiving end of the bullying However, the two demonic entities never relented, not in the least.

Baal and Jaq began to play the numbers game with Joseph. It was obvious that as Baal and Jaq were becoming more adept and proficient in this game of mental dexterity, he was becoming less proficient. There was a crowd of dissolute souls and demonic entities cheering the three contestants on. When Joseph was asked what was 1,000 to the 100,000th power, he become flabbergasted! Baal, of course, presented the correct answer! Joseph lost the game and there was an extreme penalty........

Joseph was to be the SLAVE of Baal and Jaq. This was not entirely a pretty picture. In fact, the situation can be described as infintissemally hellish. Baal and Jaq surrounded him, grabbed his face and put a mouth restraining piece on him. This was quite uncomfortable and excruciatingly agonizing.

Joseph was led to the extreme end of Amylok into some makeshift buildings. There he was to wait for Baal and Jaq. They were busy conversing with Lucifer over their victories. As they were talking to Lucifer, they invited Lilya to join their group. Lilya informed them that she had a soul to administer punishments to. Baal and Baq bade Lilya farewell as she and the soul in her charge progressed to the western end of Amylok.

Baal and Jaq summoned Joseph who appeared to be extremely recalcitrant at the moment. The more they called him, the more defiant he became. There was no fear apparent in his face. They even become more bellicose in their response to him. Since he was now restrained from head to toe, he was almost immobilized.

The two demonic entities subsequently freed Joseph of the restraints. Upon doing so, Joseph bit and scratched Baal in his eye. Baal was completely inured to this; however, he respond by gathering intense electric shocks and continuously applying them to Joseph. Joseph became faint as the intensity of the shocks progressed. He was then totally unconscious.

Baal and Jaq then carried Joseph to the lower parts of Amylok. This place was indescribably black, more so than being pitch black. It was also utterly desolate with no life form present. Joseph was to be interned here for quite a while. However, he was not alone.............someone or something was WATCHING him.

Joseph felt a strange presence. It was a cold breath on him. He gathered all the courage he could to endure the situation at hand. When he called out to the presence to identify himself/herself, there was no response. Then after what could be considered an indefinite span of time, a guttural female voice responded. She identified herself as a baroness in 17th century Wallachia, a part of Romania. She further admitted indulging in bloody diabolical rites. She was laughing while she said it!

She remarked living a wildly hedonistic life of no regrets. She added that she married thrice but had no children. She further reported to killing two of her three husbands with poison. Joseph just looked at the soul who was laughing more demonically than ever! She maintained that she was eventually caught by a distant cousin, a highly placed prince who eventually exiled to a bleak region in Transylvania where she eventually went insane! While she uttered the last sentence, her features become even more infernal. She started cursing her cousin, wishing him and his descendants all sorts of ill will.

The baroness continued with her vicious tirade subsequently disappearing into an even more lower part of Amylok. Joseph was left alone. Then there was another soul from somewhere. This soul identified himself as a 5th century Hunnic warrior. He was a million times more unrepentant than the baroness. He smiled as he recounted massacring innocent women and children. Joseph was visibly repulsed by this. The soul further remarked that he sold countless captives into slavery, smiling even more fiendishly. He then excused himself, also departing into the lower parts of Amylok.

Joseph was pondering his fate. He knew that he did not wish to be here. This place is abysmal to the quadrillionth degree. There are clearly no words to describe this utterly hellish place. This place is actually worse than hell. As he was being pensive, Baal suddenly appeared with a leather whip with claws. Joseph saw the whip and began to fight Baal but to no avail. Baal kept beating and subduing him.

Joseph, not being deterred, rose up and fought Baal with such an unearthly ferocity. He made animalistic growls at Baal. Baal was taken aback but respectful of Joseph's inherent bravado. Aku saw the fight and also applauded Joseph. He was gleaming with the prospect of gaining demonic respect and admiration. He walked away from the fight triumphant........

Well, triumphant until Lucifer arrived. Lucifer was incensed as he was when he was expelled from heaven. He charged forward, verbosely chastising Baal for showing weakness. This was totally unheard a demon succumbing to a mere soul. Unheard of, indeed! Baal prostrated himself before Lucifer but he become even more vitriolic. Baal was totally nonplussed but Lucifer continued the harsh tirade, now speaking in a very ancient and undetectable language! Lucifer saw Joseph witnessing the intense verbage, harshly ordering him to leave as this affair was a demonic one only!

Joseph left the demonic altercation, proceeding to leave Amylok, but was stopped by the baroness. She warned Joseph that he could not leave Amylok on his own initiative. This simply was never done in all the eternity of hell! Never! Joseph elected not to listen to her. The baroness' plea became more urgent. She asserted to him that if he elected to leave Amylok of his own volition, there would be dire consequences!

Joseph again ignored the baroness and was on his way to leaving, rather escaping Amylok. He began to walk faster then suddenly running at a furious pace like a bat out of hell. He was running frantically with the visions of Amylok fading away! He was finally out of Amylok. He was now in The Pits. He started to escape from The Pits, proceeding upwards to Sibyr.

Joseph was finally on the edge of Sibyr. He breathed a sigh of relief. He did not seem to mind the intense heat. However, he proceeded to the cooler area of Sibyr. He was walking nonchalantly. Soon the vision of Sibyr gave way to Scythia, the upper part of this lower part of hell. He decided to rest a bit..........

Joseph slept peacefully and fitfully. He decided to stay in Scythia for a while. He again encountered his old mentor, Clift Parker Harrington. This time he looked less demonically repulsive. Clift explained that because of his penance and remorse, he was no longer consigned to Sibyr but was allowed to be in Scythia. He asked Joseph what was he doing in Scythia as he is supposed to be interned in Amylok. Joseph laughed, telling Clift that he just escaped from Amylok!

Clift's face ashened and showed intense apprehension! He informed Joseph that NO ONE escapes from Amylok. This is just not done. There will be extremely severe penalties for this. He asked Joseph has he gone completely insane! For this is not the end for demons are looking for him as they speak! Joseph just laughed at Clift's utterances. Clift informed Joseph that the situation is grave to say the least. Joseph told Clift good bye and proceeded to walk toward the upper rungs of hell, finally leaving Scythia!

Joseph was now in Itannicnic. He looked at the surroundings. Some of the areas are downright delightful-at least in comparison to Amylok. He felt content and at peace. The souls here were working out their venial karma. These souls were not horrific as the souls in the middle and lower rungs of hell. He fell into a deep and peaceful slumber.

Joseph awoke from his peaceful slumber. A soul recognized him, warning him that this was not the place for him. He was radiating extremely negative energy which would affect these souls' collective karma. This soul urged him to leave immediately but he would hear none of it! Another soul tearfully begged him to leave. However, there were sounds which resembled dogs barking accompanied by their demonic masters. The sounds were getting louder and louder...........


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    • gmwilliams profile image

      Grace Marguerite Williams 5 years ago from the Greatest City In The World-New York City, New York

      Thank your for your wonderful response. I am overjoyed by your response to my hub. Thank you so much and God bless you.

    • tammyswallow profile image

      Tammy 5 years ago from North Carolina

      Great lesson on being consumed by negativity! Awesome.