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The Labyrinth of My Mind

Updated on March 17, 2013

My mind, like a labyrinth of thought, holds ideas like secrets to be sought through trial. The Minotaur of Procrastination stalks me through the maze of jumbled images. His long axe held at the ready to break my concentration, sending me down a dead end.

I navigate the dim passages carefully. I pass corridors that look inviting to follow the path that feels right and has the information I seek. Each turn giving not just confusion, but powerful temptation to take the easier path. I struggle, pausing from time to time, but follow my intuition. The doubtful comments and images are washed away by knowledge and perseverance. My light, lies not at the end of the maze, but in the choices I make along the way. As I collect this light, my determination to reach the end grows, as does my certainty that when I get there, my efforts will be worth while.


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