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The Lake(s)

Updated on March 31, 2017
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An Architecture Student currently in Gateway College of Architecture and Design, working in profession for Writing as a hobby.

"The empty arteries, guiding the beautiful journey to a destination, the twinkling stars with the moonlight holding an impression in the black, its umbra hiding itself deep down behind the bars, and yes the destination is still awaited to be touched."
The streets now going up and down, the clock now crosses the mustard mud cliffs, the blue cool breeze fastens the breath, the dim skylight which is the angel, and yes the destination is still awaited to be touched.
The city Mount Abu (India), the city is an oasis in the desert, the city like a fetching woman. The city not just attracts the beings but their souls. The city offers a compassionate milieu from the greens and the blues.
The hills holds a valley at the hub which is a lake, commonly called Nakki Lake, a home to water creatures where the still water moves the clement air reflecting an affectionate evening. But the woman, the city is most beautiful during the sunrise and the sunsets.
When the sun dives down to invite the fresh night, when the highest point dissolves itself into the droplets of the mist taking the sphere of fire into it, when every time the air around changes, and then the soul wants to hold the clock, hold the moment in its hands, but the clock does not holds a master. Finally, the moment went back and the present had become a story, the memories of the past. It defines the city and the sunset when the green and blue tones are taking the shades of reds and browns. The beauty that remains in the eyes forever.
But the night it welcomes is more beautiful with the white cells above the black skin. The night is chilling and yes, the city sleeps, because then the forest awakes. The city is surrounded by forests, a shelter to bears and reindeers.
And then the journey wakes you up early morning because the sunrise cannot be missed. The beautiful sphere is best visible from the other highest point called the Guru-Shikhar. The dark night was now being added by the brighter shades as the sun was rising at its own speed. The dark was taking the umbra of the blue. The high point was an artery who's both the sides was occupied by depths.
When the sun began to grow, the greens were getting their breaths back, the sky had a faded tone and the lean line between the high and the deep, the sky and the land got merged into one. The moment when the sun, the moon and the stars reside on the same screen. One can see the twinkling deep down and the burning land all above. It portrayed as if the world went upside down. As soon as the burning sphere went up, the other side of the artery was retrieving its colors back. The other side had a fluffy cloudy bed covering the city. It seemed as if the light of the sphere opened all the secrets that hid themselves in the dark. The clouds were the floating warriors, the cover that protects the city from the outer energy. The clouds were the angles that hold the vibes, the soul of the city. The sunrise, whose infinite tones of the reds and the greys are still in the eyes, taking its beauty to the hearts. The memory that became immortal.
The city had beauty in the inside. It's the folks that define the city and the streets that define the journey. The folk that were humans that welcomes the émigré to their world, the cuisine which holds the flavor of love, the heritage that holds the past in its arms.
The city of hills was famous for Rajasthani cuisine especially the famous Daal Bhaati all made of love. The city moves around its main arteries that added life to the places. It had marble carved temples by the Jains and the ashrams by the Brahmkumaris, where one depicted art and other taught humanity.
The city builds experiences that invite the folks to cherish the beauty of the city. Mount Abu, the city is a heaven build by the angels.
"The city so beautiful, the city so natural, the city so pure. The city with phases, the city with emotions, the city has life. The city in light, the city in dark, the city fading to shadows. The city had past; the city has future, the city lives in the present."


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