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The Languorous Courtyard And Other Poems

Updated on February 12, 2017

The Languorous Courtyard & Other Poems

The Languorous Courtyard

Gleaming like gold in the lutescent day,

The courtyard beams in the umbrage of gray,

Where marble supports your naked feet,

Wandering amid the fountains which complete

The belvederes, dappled, among the statuary's hue;

How many times have I thought of you,

Roving through a throng of linden trees,

Beneath the wondrous skies of azure blue,

In the languorous, wistful, mellifluous breeze,

Where every kiss taken is of ecstasies!

John Lars Zwerenz

Lovers In June

At dawn when the boughs are scented with dew,

And the sunlight arrives, tinged with red,

We awake to the morn in our soft, florid bed,

With you gazing at me, and me at you.

Then comes the noon, with its thunderous sky

Of turquoise and crimson, of gin, rum and rye,

Flowing through our psyches, like the rivers of June,

When we wander on the meads, in the cradle of the moon.

John Lars Zwerenz


How can I express

The ardor I possess,

When fireflies stray

Over dales of gray?

How can I tell you, my bride to be,

Of the solemn and sacred ecstasy

Which you lavish upon my heart and soul,

When we kiss in the garden, one and whole? -

I shall use my lips,

And take raven sips

From your sable tress,

As you don your long and ivory dress,

Which falls to the gleaming, amber grass

From your voluptuous caress,

As the moments pass.

John Lars Zwerenz


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