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The Last Sip Of Coffee

Updated on August 9, 2016

It started just like another regular day. It was seven o'clock when the alarm rang, she woke up after a long, relaxing sleep and, as usual, prepared the breakfast - only two slices of bread and butter and a big cup of coffee with no sugar. She barely finished eating when, looking at the clock, realised that she was going to be late. She grabbed her keys and the enormous brown bag in a tremendous hurry, locked the door and went off to work.

Lately, her life seemed to be in a good direction. Like someone above finally noticed her existence and rewarded her for all sacrifices that she was kind of obliged by circumstances to make during the years. But the traffic was again interrupted and as much as she liked to reflect over the new changes in her life, the thought of being late for the fifth time in two weeks irritated her.

In the first moments, she didn't pay attention to the panic created around her but soon, she realised with terror that the ground was moving faster and faster. People everywhere around went out of their cars screaming and pushing each other while the buildings started moaning painfully threatening the streets.

She abandoned her car and started running towards one of the buildings where a little boy was crying. She barely got to him when she heard an awful sound and then a building of fifteen floors crashed.

In just a couple of minutes, the noisy town became quiet like a tomb. A funeral silence suppressed the place. Was more than clear that the town will never be the same. Human damages were announced to be enormous.

A woman in her late twenties was found smashed between two cars. Death didn't spare her life, full of new hopes and chances, full of more or less important fights, just like others that are or were trying day by day to gain their right to exist.


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