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The Legendary Journey Through Life --Thoughts and More Thoughts

Updated on December 10, 2012
The Simphony of life, where we all fit at once.
The Simphony of life, where we all fit at once. | Source
What's ahead of us?
What's ahead of us? | Source
If you are running low, what other factors or parameters define your performance?
If you are running low, what other factors or parameters define your performance? | Source

The days come and go. The Sun witnesses our everyday life. The more we interact with people, the more we capture our meaning and reason to be in here, at this very moment. Memories, conscious pondering and self assurance, make us realize that we are at the right place with no doubt.

Life so Short, But Worth Living it

Life, just a simple four letter word by itself; left drifted away to our own will. It encapsulates a paradigmatic meaning for all of us. Just as intriguing as unpredictable for every single soul on earth. However, irreverent and reckless with some of us; at times hard to put up with.

Life can make you happy, worry about, sad and naturally become evil or magically deter negativeness and reach that "quintessential" angelical level. Or maybe, perhaps, It can make you go against your own self... thinking... thinking that you are doing the best for
your own good at that "instagram" of your life.

Life can bring around the best/worst out of nothing for you, as "common sense" might dictate. If we see it with a cold head, we can decode, or caress with our mind (slightly) that action and interaction between our own souls. Some die every day and some are born at the same time. But that kind of understanding is beyond our own intelligence.

Our mind is so complex (gee!), and so is the world around us; even if we try, we cannot hardly achieve a rational stability, whether emotional or physical from another person's point of view. If we continue and get deeper into this metaphysical philosophy, we might get burned out. "Joseph, what the ## were you reading?"

Tracing Back Neurones and Our Miraculous Existence

Lets start going back a little, tracing back neurones and brain's chemical activity: In the course of human history there were always conflicting beings that within their own thought and logical action-reaction behaviour put drama and emotional pressure on the rest of us, and onto what became our civilized world. War, which by itself caused starvation, famine, social divisions and any kind of deceptiveness and resentment throughout centuries and generations, put in danger our own race on the planet. Who knows, maybe that fictional planet of the Apes could've been a reality, 45,000 years ago.

Now.. just add egos, backgrounds, genetic inheritance, altogether essentially branding and shaping up our life. All these concocted factors falling right into that 'shifting gear' of change. Nothing stays the same, all just evolves with no end. You eat today, tomorrow you will fight to eat the same amount of calories.
From the beginning of time until the last foremost split of second of our lives, we witnessed changes among us and around us, for good or for bad -- even ourselves, checked and double checked over and over what he did write a few seconds ago.

We are part of nature and a written plan
We are part of nature and a written plan | Source

Men and Their Forseeable Future

Men have been roaming on this planet with an subconscious search for completeness; some call it happiness, others fulfillment. The unstoppable hunting spirit for real happiness kept our lives going. We all, as we got older, drew conclusions, passed through that tunnel of trials and errors. But curiously in the end, we all will have a different epitaph.

Thoughts and Experiences

We have to base all our thoughts in facts and palpable experiences.

Virtually all that we come to know about LIFE, can be resumed in just three words: I was, I am, I will be. Let's see now... the words are there; the inspiration just popping up in fragmented time. A view of Stonehenge and its mythical columns. My Cellphone vibrated right now and I get interrupted by this junk email. My brain starts releasing enough adrenaline to write and keep writing with no point, no direction or no end...checking old languanges on search engines, I bump into Runic, Etruscan and Sumeriam language. Back again to Chaldeo-Asyrian or Sumerian, phoenician and Semitic alphabet come across as well.

I feel good recognizing some latin words that actually derived from its etrurian past...On runic symbolism I recognize that svatika and the ZZ used by those hitlerian brains. This time I feel like time is on my side since my imagination opened up to all dimensions and capabilities beyond my own "twilight zoning."

I check Google earth and take hold of this world as though I can be here and there, or maybe nowhere. I get more text messages asking me to double check any pulsing news or alarming words on this web-bot mind boggler. Nope, just recessioning and unavoidable earthquakes, but what about unreachable minds who are shaping up future events... away from cyberspace?. Huh?.

The Fatima Revelation? I read about it, sensed the message and kind of weighed in 'the sign of the times.' I go through the whole contextual message... and it just feels like all will come to an end, eventually.. But lets explore in more detail.

The right shape at the right moment: What do you see? I see Dolly my Cocker Spaniel
The right shape at the right moment: What do you see? I see Dolly my Cocker Spaniel | Source

Science, History, mind and Meanings with no End

Our mind diverts itself in all directions. All comes together like a source of vital information. Our fingers just type and we...(sighs), just go with the flow. We check those Stonehenge columns again and just... get numbers like : 1...4..6..8...and those squares and circles. Fibonacci sequences pops out. Suddenly, our mind just shows this shadowy imagery, and certainly we feel like we are prepared to live up to this task.

Task? What task? Wasn't this suppose to be just an essay or hub? Not as we see it. The seed is already in us way before we started to write. Is there a connection to all these? We really don't know, or maybe already knew it before, and we are using our best idiomatics just to break it down to our fellow man. "Please Joseph! Are you okay buddy?"

Companions that left a mark on us...That darn Sun again!
Companions that left a mark on us...That darn Sun again! | Source

From that Imagination to a Crude Reality

If we think of a number, we just go to a piece of paper and write it down. If we think of a place,we just close our eyes and come close to sense it and even feel that we were there. If we think of going into a trip, we just see ourselves enjoying that vacation with no restrictions.

Our hands just write and get hold of what is going through our mind. Better yet, by closing your eyes you can see another world full of imagination.

Suddenly these pictures, numbers, colors, forces of nature come as an avalanche of information to be decoded. "Eleven hour" for the third...then a thundering fourth time... What's these all about? Voices huddle close in unintelligible language that perhaps was heard or understood before, or maybe is the key to something that needs to be put onto this hub. Our breathing gets uneasy at times. Our perspiration cuts through our inner physicality.

Shaping and soaking from every bit of wonderful experiences at the right moment.
Shaping and soaking from every bit of wonderful experiences at the right moment. | Source

Emotional support from Parents

Reading books was a nice hobby since at least our second grade; our own father showed us the good benefit from it. The first experience goes back 12 months before, when we tried to understanding a written word at five or six years old.

The process of matching mind and soul in the natural search for innate and uncanny wisdom. The curious thing, when we were that young, is that our life was already set. Our mind and soul were eager from the very beginning. Searching of Knowledge, that needed to be nurture as 'aqua viva' for our soul. The "search engine" from those young years was always alive, kicking and soaked with curiosity.

Education for Life

Dad paved the way with his own liking of books. We will never cease to thank him... wherever he is today... for that math tutor that broke down complex science into amazing experiences for a happy kid. We were ready to face a complex world with advanced numbers, freaking Calculus, theorems, axioms and Chemistry labs. All that science came to terms in this search for the utmost closeness with wisdom and a well known sensation of accomplishment, just like when we finish a hub.

That Darn Dark Room

After some pause in our writing, we went back to our early years and we saw our young self in a dark room with dad. "Yup!" An early version of a photo lab. Our own "star trek" dark room, where pictures and film woke up our senses to shades of gray and sheer imagination. The more we saw, the more was fed. The more we learned, the more we wanted to improved our own discoveries.

We are all under the same Sun: The Cathedral of Notre Dame, Paris
We are all under the same Sun: The Cathedral of Notre Dame, Paris | Source

What Were We Thinking?

At times, we go back mentally and do that instant replay from our recomposed set of memories and we see ourselves laughing at things we did 20 or 30 years ago. What were we thinking? Just imagine yourself or just put your mind into a picture of you or well known situation: Birthdays, puppies, TV shows, you name it!

When you were in your teens, YOU wanted to test the waters of new emotions. In a way men and women developed their own psychosomatic "combustion internal process." After college or a certain age, which is different for all of us, we wanted to settle down. A calling from the inside would make us act... as a part of an universal plan.


Women, adorable women, they love to hear those special words... their hearts aim for the archetypal classy hero in shining armor ready to come for them and conquer (or rescue) their hearts. A particular and personal black Knight who would love to take them to that mountain top and show them the world of possibilities, while a sunset in the distance is signaling that heavenly compromise, sealed with a kiss.

Women need to feel that company and protection, that assurance, that special way of finding her own self through a relationship. Men just get attracted by sight, curvaceous moves; that body language that girls learned naturally in order to perpetuate our own species. In that way women grow up faster, since we men just look for physical signs that we look for.

The World in front of us
The World in front of us | Source
Walking the Walk of life through the end...
Walking the Walk of life through the end... | Source

Reasons and Unexplainable Reasons

There is a reason to be here, as we said in our profile. A reason to be as we are. The more we know, and read and comment, the more we realize that we are a piece of creation that fits perfectly in this world. Humbleness grows from within while finding those unreachable clues. We try to introspect ourselves with no refrain by taking our time when writing.

Our Compromise with our Own Humanity

Vulnerability of our Society is in its own imperfection. Humanity that can drift apart or come together. We take our time and go with our own internal flow of recalling that past. We started this hub within our own pace.

We see ourselves going through our photo-albums and vivid experiences. So many emotions at once, by the way. A roller coaster of dates and words that hit our mental consciousness. Comes to our mind Albert Einstein, who himself lived his own experience in his own right time. He himself came out with a revolutionary and transcendental theory. When he enunciated his "theory of relativity" in 1905, he knew that his life would not be the same after done with his original manuscript. His findings had an acceptable understanding at least for the scientists of the time. Same with Newton, Galileo or Copernicus, they saw it coming.

Life is changeable; nothing stays the same. What you wanted of life twenty years
ago is not a primal goal anymore. We loved those Atari games and Commodore 64, but today we just laugh at what we wanted out of life.

Now, as it's been said, is not a one man's world. Everyone readjusted his/her desires and necessities according to his/her personal interaction and own
growing. Whoever invented this life, knew of our flaws. And certainly we all are prone to make mistakes. Change starts within ourselves. When we start feeling annoyed by our fellow man's selfishness, then we should move out of their ways. There is no good way to confront evilness, so is your choice.

Being in here and writing our hearts out was just the beginning. We all came with a message, and we all felt that soothing experience while learning the ropes. Actually, we are here to heal and be healed.

Our memory tells us that we all writers, have a tale to tell. We lost pets, families and we all did have experiences of our own. We all went through pain and despair; we all started to write to vent and let things out with our particular flair. Whether through poetry or "How to's," we came into this platform to keep our own sanity, and get paid for it at the end of the day. Now, we are ready to write another hub and keep ourselves breathing with joy and delight. Thanks!

Alive and Kicking...!


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