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The Levant is a Leviathan's Song

Updated on January 7, 2013

The Levant is a leviathan’s song
By Sean Rice

The Levant is a leviathan’s song
siren, not serene and long in mourning
tunes of oud and shifting singing sands
a mood of beaching on the lands
beyond an ocean beckoning …
The leviathan is beckoning
The Levant is beckoning me

The scent of my dreams have become
the sandalwood of your hair and candle smoke
have become the eyes, green ice on another’s face
has become young as you were then
and licorice? The smell of death
and a wish for yesterdays breath
now beckons with the leviathan’s song

“Come with! Come with to Tripoli!”

Vast desires wail up through me
the prayer, wordless sound of Q’walli,
though the cry is a silent, open-mouth lament as I awaken
a requiem now asleep in your arms

“sh-h-h,” you whispered, then.

I lift my head to ghosts of Solomon’s making
beseech the child, “forgive the sword!
stop screaming! Please, stop screaming, Lord!”
but child-Charon, hears me not and only beckons
She beckons me aboard.
“Across this River you must ford!”
In your voice? “you must ford?”

So, to my love I walk toward
and surrendering, I hear again
the Leviathan’s receding, final song
The Levant’s last, in mourning chord.


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