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The Lies We Tell But the Secrets We Keep, Part 1

Updated on November 24, 2020
Pam Morris profile image

Writing is my passion. I have an undying thirst and quest in the field of writing. Some eat, drink, or use drugs when stressed; I write.

Keeping secrets and telling lies is something that many do. It is difficult to tell when someone is lying. As children, we grow up believing it is wrong to lie, but as we develop into an adult, we tell lies. A perfect example. Someone asks, how are you? You reply I am fine when you know you not.

What I find mesmerizing about the ability to lie is that it feeds toxic into lives. We all have the potential to lie, but when you do whatever it takes to deceive, you do not realize that lying is destructive. Lying will hurt both the liar and the person who is lied to.

Some people keep a secret with the intention that it will stay one. A secret has a way of coming out when a person least expects it. Some secrets can make things very difficult when found out.

Timmy Batter:

This is a story about a caring Lawyer who has an incredible ability to know when a person is telling a lie. Plus, he’s good at revealing secrets that people think are hidden well. Timmy is a workaholic who has experienced the pain that comes with telling a lie. Timmy has been hurt deeply by lies, and for this reason, he prides himself on exposing a liar. Also, he makes sure secrets rise to the light.

He worked so much to help others; he did not take the time to enjoy his life. He even took on clients who couldn’t afford his fees. This story is not just a personal story. It is a narrative relevant to most people in this world of the present times. Too many people are excessively involved in their work and don’t take the time to find love or any time to enjoy life.

Timmy is an attorney who never lost a case. If he takes on a lawsuit, he does not quit regardless of how the odds seem against him. He does not stop searching and revealing the unknown until he ends up on the top.

Timmy is the attorney that spent most of his time studying law books and searching previous cases and looking for evidence so much that he forgot to live a life of his own.

Some of us are just like Timmy, maybe we don’t have the same career, but we work a job that requires us to give a lot of our time running after money and then more money, we forget that money without someone to enjoy it with cannot complete us and that we need someone by our side to enjoy life to its fullest.

Gina’s Case:

Timmy took on a case of a seventeen-year-old was in the wrong place at the wrong time. He got the finger pointed at him as a liquid store robbery when he was passing through. Timmy felt it deep down inside the evidence against the young teen didn’t add up, but by him being at the crime scene, it makes him look guilty.


Timmy works many long non-stop hours searching for answers that he felt like He needs air and time to think, so he decides to take a drive to the nearest beach. Timmy had never had the sand between his toes and it felt so good to him. As he was walking, he saw this vision of loveliness walk past him. Timmy's heart skips a beat, that was something new to him. He walks faster to ask her, her name. He introduced himself, Timmy Batter. The young lady replied by saying, “Hello, I’m Gina.”

When they shook hands Tim's pulse reacted and for the very first time, He had butterflies in the mid of his stomach. This is something new for Tim and he wasn’t sure what to do or if he should reply by asking Gina out. What Timmy does not know is, love doesn’t happen automatically, he needs to give some time and give in to what he is feeling and the first step is to ask Gina out for dinner or a drink.

One significant thing Timmy will learn from what he’s feeling, there is always someone to harmonize with you and without that special person. You are all working with no life and you are just like a husk, without the soul.

One thing Gina did do is help Timmy frame of mind as it was really blank and he couldn’t fill his obligation without the right mind frame, he was in pain and that brought about sadness, but once again he felt as if he could do it all, to salvage his case.

Again, a smile is on Timmy’s face, it comes from both, feeling he had a break in the case and seeing for the first time what he like in a woman. Timmy did not know how to ask Gina out, but the odds did work in his favor when he starts talking to her, He learns she needs an attorney, he pulled out his card in a hurry and hand it to Gina.

That brought a smile to her face. He told her to meet him within three hours so he can talk to her about how he can help her, she agreed.

Gina went home and research Timmy Batter on the web, she was very impressed with what she read. Gina said to herself, wow he never lost a case, and that the type of bulldog I need barking real loud for me. She dressed in a very elegant outfit and left to meet Timmy.

Timmy never took the time to ensure he looks extra special, this particular time he did. He held the necktie up to his shirt to make sure they matched, he took a little more time ensuring his hair was neat, the pant was nicely starched and he brushes his teeth with care.


Timmy decided to go into the Law office forty-five minute early to prep and prepare himself. When Gina walks through the door, he wanted to make sure he doesn’t make a fool of himself. As just her presence brings out feeling in him, he never experiences before in his life.

He searched the web for how to act when you attractive to someone for the first time. Timmy reads three different articles and still wasn’t sure what to do, either he was more nervous than he thinks or he really out of the game of dating because he did not understand what the article meant when it said, “Be yourself, go for it, and make a lasting impression.”

As he sits there waiting for his secretary to ring his line and tell him his appointment has arrived, he became more and more concerned he might say or do something to make himself look like a fool. Little did Timmy know Gina come with a big web of lies and secrets. Timmy had a love for Gina that will not allow him to see the true her. He wanted to help Gina and hear why she needs an attorney, but will he be able to maintain good behavior as he listens and take on the case? Will he get tangled up in her web of lies and secrets?

An Important Conversation:

He was afraid of doing something dumb or even saying something silly that will make her look at him and wonder if he capable of defending her. The telephone rings and Timmy almost jump out of his chair. Oh my God was in his mind; he answered the phone.

It was his secretary telling him Gina called and said she was running a little late but she’s on her way. Timmy was able to breathe again; he inhales deeply in release and thought a little more time to prepare. He was always good at preparing for his cases and it finally hit him, he should do the same with Gina, after all, she will be a client.

Maybe Timmy wants it to be more, but she comes in as a client. He begins talking and prepping to attempt not to make a fool of himself when Gina arrives. Fifteen minutes passed and again the phone rings, this time Timmy was a little more relax and when the secretary said Ms. Gina Thompson is here to see you, he replied, “Send her in."

He felt a little uneasy as he waited for her to open the door and enter the room. Timmy's heart begins to beat extremely fast as he listens for her footsteps and the sound of the door leading into the office.


Gina opens the door and Timmy eyes lit up like a bright star in the night, she looked amazing and more beautiful than he remembers. Timmy was able to say, “Take a seat please.”

He stood up and pulled out her chair for her, he felt his legs shaking, but he was able to maintain until he sits back down in his chair. His desk was so neat and he looked so prepared. How can I be of service, said Timmy?

"How do I start? “said Gina. Timmy replied, “Start at the beginning, I have the time to listen.” She had so much to share, but when she told Tim she been to jail and was out on bail for stabbing a guy who was stalking her, he broke into her house one early morning and held her captivated and she stabbed him to free herself.

Gina shared with Timmy, the things that make her look guilty is there was no evidence of forced entry, so they believe she knew him and let him in, and in a heated argument, she stabs him.

Timmy agreed to take her case and told Gina, “I will need to meet you often to ask the question needed." He knew that would be his way of spending time with Gina in the hope things grow into a long-lasting relationship”.

Timmy spent almost two hours talking to Gina before she told him, thank you and left. He couldn’t keep her off his mind, He thought he came into contact with her as he was searching for the answers on the case that just wasn’t available to him.

Timmy is determined to clear Jerry, he made a promise to Jerry’s mother that she had placed Jerry’s faith in the right person’s hand, but he was left wondering what to do next to clear his name. He has the best track record ever.

He had never lost a case before and he did not intend for his first defeat to be an innocent young man going to jail for a very long time for a crime he didn’t commit.

Timmy knew he had to get Gina off his mind as he had a lot of work to do to find evidence that Jerry was an immature young kid who did nothing wrong, but a person who was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Jerry’s story:

The man working at the liquid store during the robbery, that could clear Jerry’s name was in the hospital, in a coma fighting for his life and the doctor stated that his brain only has a fifty, fifty chance of recovery. Therefore, Timmy needs a miracle to happen and real soon if he stands a chance in finding Jerry as not guilty.

There was one other person in the store during the robbery, but no one is coming forward to speak or tends to know who that person is, Timmy is searching amply for that person so far, he found nothing.

Jerry told Timmy, he was at the scene of the crime because he received a telephone call from his buddy asking him to come and pick him up. He needed a ride. He said he called his friend, Michael when he arrived and he asked him where he was, he told him, “I’ll come to you since it’s a little crowded here.”

So, he steps out of the car so Michael can see him, but before Michael came to him as he waits, an officer grabs him and hands cupped his hand behind him and placed him in the back seat of his car. Jerry said his life went downhill from there and changed for the worse.

Especially since Michael is nowhere to be found to back up Jerry’s story. It’s almost as if he vanishes off the face of the earth.

One good thing did happen to Jerry is Timmy was able to get his bail as he awaits trial. Although, Jerry is afraid of being sentenced to jail if Timmy can’t clear him of all the evidence against him. With the trial being set to take place three months from today, Timmy is burning the midnight oil and uncovering everything possible to clear Jerry.

Timmy asks Gina to meet him at one of the most famous restaurants, so they can talk about her case. It’s the type of diner where you have to have an appointment to eat in. He made the reservation a week in advance so, they can eat there.

As Timmy and Gina were talking over her case, he mentions to her about a case that’s been on his mind and how a young teen stands to lose his freedom if he can’t get the evidence needed to clear his name.

When Timmy shared with Gina the date and the location Jerry was at Gina told him she may be able to help him out. Her Godmother's husband owns the liquid store, and have surveillance tapes that Timmy can look through. Timmy was thrilled..


Timmy finally has hope and the big break he needs to clear Jerry’s name. Gina brought the tape to Timmy the next day just as she promised. Now, it’s time for Timmy to be that brilliant lawyer who’s good at finding evidence. The man that useful in viewing what needed noticing and efficient at understanding people. Most importantly, an attorney who good at numbers and excellent at taking risks.

What will Timmy find on the surveillance tapes? Will it be information to clear Jerry’s name? Will it uncover the lies told that landed Jerry in jail? Will Timmy be able to do what he loves to do and that shows up a liar?

Will Timmy take the time to slow down working and invest in a relationship with Gina? Can he be capable of finding something else in life other than working? Will Timmy learn why it seems as if Michael vanish off the face of the earth?

Stay tuned to learn the answer to all the questions asked and how Timmy will uncover all the lies and the secret withheld. These secrets and lies have landed Jerry and Gina in jail. Stay with me as I reveal how Timmy will help them both. Plus, I will reveal so much more in part 2 of the lies we tell and the secrets we keep.

The Lies We Tell But the Secrets We Keep, Part 1

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This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2018 Pam Morris


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