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The Life Giver Sun

Updated on August 22, 2014

The Sun hot and dense is our dearest star,

where repellent nuclei reacts together.

Chemically made up of hydrogen and helium,

The Solar winds and Sun spots are truly awesome.

The Sol's core powers the Solar System,

With Astronauts talking about its G2V system.

Happy cognizing about Sunlight with spectroscopy,

But are wonder-struck at its core with simply 15, 700, 000 degree.

The Spherical hot plasma, interwoven with magnetic fields,

Has its diameter longer to Earth by 109 times.

Having taken its birth 4567 billion years ago,

Was due to a cloud molecular where there was a collapse gravitational.

Soleil's Thermonuclear Fusion,

Gives light to every leaf to cook food with.

The Heat which the same Stonce sends us,

Gives us a weather cozy to ride on the wings of poesy.

Dwelling in Surya-Loka or Heaven,

You shower us with your benediction at our prayers.

To a little child on a Sunday morning,

You are a dwarf, yellow Ball who says good morning.


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